Common Foxtail Plants Can Be Dangerous For Your Dog

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Spring has sprung in most of the United States, and when the weather gets warmer, people and pets alike go outside to enjoy the sunshine. There’s nothing like breathing fresh air and being in nature after such a long and cold winter!

But the good weather brings some deadly dangers that lurk in plain sight. In some parts of the country, rattlesnakes are common, and your pets risk getting bitten when frolicking in tall grass. Luckily, not all bites are immediately lethal, but can be if not treated in time. Make sure you know the proper procedure ifyou find the tell-tale mark on you pet’s skin!

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But even the most seemingly harmless parts of the great outdoors can prove to be dangerous for your dog. Foxtails are common plants, but their sharp, barbed seeds can puncture his or her skin, and travel far into your pup’s body. These seeds can even interfere with vital organs, causing death. One woman took her service dog on a walk. The next morning, she noticed his skin, and rushed him to a checkup. Now, vets are warning owners to pay attention to where their pups are playing to avoid a potential tragedy.

Watch the clip to know more about this latest danger!

Photo source: Facebook/International Veterinary Hospital


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Cat Survives Wildfire By Hiding In Stove

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Each year, wildfires are a dangerin the region of Alberta, Canada.

These firesare nature’s way of clearing out dead trees and foliage, but this year is different. In a matter of days, a wildfire swelled in size from 3,000 acres to 544,000 acres.

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Canadians throughout the province have been forced out of their homes quickly and without warning. Many had to leave very valuable things behind, including their pets.

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Jody Lishchynsky and her family are lucky to be alive. One moment, the blaze was creeping over the hill in theirbackyard, and suddenly the flames were licking up the side of theirhome.

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In the small amount of time they had, the Lishchynskys were able to get into their truck with very few belongings, their dogtrailing behind them. By the time Jody Lishchynsky turned around to get her cats, however, her housewas already in flames.

The devastated family drove away thinking they had lost much more than just their personal belongings in the fire. But Tux, the cat, had other plans.

Scroll through belowfor Tux’s incredible story, and let us know what you think in the comments!


This year, wildfires have been ripping through Canada at extraordinary speeds.

Families, like theLishchynskys, have been forced to leave with little more than the clothes on their backs.

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Charlee’s Angels for the Animals, an organization that helps to find and rescue animals,has been updating hopeful Canadians on the progress of the many pets left behind.

One such animal that managed to survive the devastation was Tux the cat.

Tux was found among the rubble by one of the incredible firemen working to clear up the mess left behind by the fire.

He was discoveredunder a toppled stove in his burned down home.

According to Charlee’s Angels’s Facebook page, there was an explosion that blew out the stove, allowing room for the cat to crawl in.

Then, another explosion knocked the stove over, trapping and saving Tux from the flames.

Firefighters at the scene bandaged up Tux’s paws and a vet was called to the scene to medicate him immediately.

Soon after, his anxious family were contacted with the good news!

“That is my son, Landon,” JodyLishchynsky explained on Charlee’s Angel’s Facebook page. “Tux is his boy.”

Although the family lost practically everything in the fire, they are thrilled to have their cat Tux back.

Since then, we’ve learned that another one of theLishchynsky’s cats, Sky, survived as well!

Through all the devastation this fire has caused, stories like that of Tux and Sky offera true glimmer of hope.

Let us know what you think of Tux’s incredible tale of survival in the comments, and don’t forget toSHARE with anyone that’s been following the news of the Canada wildfires!

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Woman Uses Snakes And Other Strange Critters As Therapy Pets For Seniors

Therapy animals can come in all shapes and forms, although they tend to be the cute and cuddly furry friends like dogs and cats. But occasionally, we see some peculiar animals comfort humans old and young, proving that there is no wrong animal to have as a therapy pet. This woman’s pet turkey was there for her after her husband’s death, and this therapy kangaroo brings joy toveterans!

But slithery and sometimes slimy critters deserve a little love, too. Many people might believe they would make unusual therapy animals, but one woman is changing that by bringing these slippery creatures into a senior home and educating the residents about these interesting animals.

Pamela brings these seniors little “gifts” wrapped up in pillow cases, but when she reaches in, you’ll probably be shocked by what she pulls out in each “bag” is a snake!

They’re harmless, and some are even cute! The seniors aren’t afraid to be approached by a handler with a snake in hand. Many are simply curious, if not thrilled to be near such fascinating creatures.

Snakes aren’t the only animals Pamela brings to the senior home. Watch the clip to find out more about these unusual therapy pets!


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Maggie, The Worlds Oldest Dog, Passes Away At 30

Maggie, an Australian kelpie, lived an extraordinarily long life. In fact, she is thought to have been the world’s longest living dog. After 30 incredibleyears on this earth, she fell asleep peacefully in her basket for the last time.

Although Maggie’s owner, Brian McLaren, does not have any documented proof of the day he brought his puphome, hedoes remember his son Liam was only 4 years old at the time. Liam is now 34.

Maggie spent her many years alongside McLaren running around his dairy farm, keeping the barn catsand other animals in check. Although she showed signs of agingtowards the end, she didn’t let her years bring her down.

Weekly Times Now reported that McLaren noticed his old pal was acting differently a few days before she passed. Although he is mourning the passing of his long-time companion, he knows how lucky he isfor the time he was able to spend with Maggie.

Im sad, but Im pleased she went the way she went,” McLaren explained.

Scroll through below to see incredible photos of Maggie, and then make sure towatch thevideo of the world’s oldest dog in action.

[H/T: Weekly Times Now, BoredPanda]


Thirtyyears ago, Brian McLaren brought his new dog Maggiehome to help around the dairy farm. Maggie stuck by McLaren’s side for a surprisingly long time.

Although McLaren doesn’t have physical proof of Maggie’s age, he remembers the time he brought her home well. His son, Liam, was only 4 years old at the time.

McLaren’s son is now 34 and Maggie grew up alongside him.

Typically, dogs are expected to live to be between 10 and 14 years old. Smaller dogs tend to enjoy longer lives, while larger dogs live a shorter life span.

Dog years are calculated into human years based on a dog’s age and weight. It is estimated that a dog Maggie’s age and size was about 133 years old in human years!

The only other dog ever known tohavelived as long as Maggie was Bluey, anAustralian cattle dog. According to Guinness World Records, Bluey lived to be 29 years old.

Despite her age, Maggie was a close companion and assistant to McLaren up until the very end.

She was 30 years old, she was still going along nicely last week. She was walking from the dairy to the office and growling at the cats and all that sort of thing, McLaren told The Weekly Times.

McLaren could tell something was off a few days before she passed.

She just went downhill in two days and I said yesterday morning, when I went home for lunch… she hasnt got long now,” McLaren explained.

One evening,McLaren saw his old friend tucked away in her basket for the night, like she always was. When he arrived at the farm the next morning, he realized she had passed peacefully in her sleep.

“I’m sad, but I’m pleased she went the way she went,” said McLaren. “We were great mates.”

McLaren and Maggie were lucky to have had such a close bond for 30 years.

Check out thevideo below to see more of Maggie, the world’s oldest dog.

Let us know what you think of Maggie’s incredible life in the comments, and don’t forget toSHARE with the dog lovers in your life!

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Powerful Video Shows The Importance Of Not Purchasing From Puppy Mills

Just about everyone loves puppies. With their cute little faces and their adventuresome spirit, a puppy can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Understandably, millions of children all around the country dream of getting a puppy for their birthday or Christmas, butunfortunately thousands of these families get a puppy with heartbreaking consequences.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with getting a new puppy for the family, it’s a horrible fact now that there are literally thousands of “puppy mills” that don’t raise their dogs in the best of conditions. These mills are filled with disease, dirty food and water, and all-around sickening conditions for dogs. Some of the mills might be bigger than others, while some of the mills might just be an untrained “backyard breeder” who doesn’t know what they’re doing in the slightest.

By purchasing a puppy from one of these breeders, a family will unwittingly increase the demand for more puppies, which will just continue a cycle that needsto stop! There are so many puppies, dogs, senior dogs, and special-needs dogs out there in shelters that are in need of a loving forever home.

The amount of money, time, and tears spent on a puppy mill can be shocking. These animals often have deadly diseases and many other problems that you won’t get with reputable licensedbreeders or healthy mutts. Please watch this touching video, and please share this valuable information with all of your friends!

Warning: This video might be hard to watch for animal lovers. But please be advised that these are all “actor dogs” and no animal was injured during the making of this important PSA!


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