Rescue Pups That Escaped Terrible Fates Are Now Inseparable

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Countless dogs wind up in shelters for one reason or another on a daily basis.

When little Tillie the shar-pei narrowly escaped the hands of her first appalling owner, the chances of her finding a loving rescue home were slim.

Thankfully, though, she had luck on her side.

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Carrie and Joseph Friend swiftly agreed to foster Tillie, and after only a few days together, they knew she absolutely had to become a permanent member of their family.Why? Well, in large part, because they’d been throughthis rodeo once before.

This couple was already proud parents to Remy, another shar-pei they’d rescued from a horrendous puppy mill years before meeting Tillie.

While at first Remy was a little apprehensive of his new sister, he quickly warmed up to her spunky antics, andtookher under his wing.

The two are now the best of friends. And their parents document their heartwarming daily snuggles via Instagram.

Keep scrolling to learn more aboutthese two adorable shar-peis’ glorious friendship.

[H/T:The Dodo]



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When little Tillie the shar-pei found herself in aSouth Carolina SPCA after having survived life trapped ina horrendous breeding situation, she waited patiently to meet hernew set of loving parents.

She and 65 other dogs had been rescued from an abandoned garage.

Hearing of these dogs’ narrow escape, Carrie and JosephFriend immediately jumped into action, fostering Tillie for a few days.

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The Friends wrote of Tillie’s rescue story on theirInstagram, Tillie was surrendered by a particularly despicable owner to a South Carolina SPCA recently with 65 other poorly cared for shar-peis in a backyard breeding situation.


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The Friends wereno strangers to dog rescue, or shar-pei rescue for that matter, asthey were already proud parents to another rescue shar-pei, their 10-year-old pup, Remy.

Remy had also braved a terrible former life, held captive in a puppy mill.

He’d been freed with 250 other dogs in 2012, and eventually found his way into the Friends’ home.


After fostering little Tillie for only a few days, the Friends fell for her fast.

They knew she just had to join their family.

At first, though, Remy was not exactly into the idea of a fiesty little sister invading his personal space.


Carrie Friend explained to the Dodo: “Remy at first was not thrilled.

“She was kind of infringing on his bachelor lifestyle. So he wasn’t that excited about it.”


However, slowly but surely, Tillie snuggled her way onto Remy’s good side.

Thanks to her determination, these two are now the best of friends.


Friend told the Dodoof Tillie:“She is a snuggler.

“She quickly latched onto him. He at first begrudgingly let her. Now, we’ll catch him going to snuggle with her.”


Now, Remy loves his little sister, and these two play together constantly.


And while they certainly do deeply love each other, they always have time to snuggle with their mom.


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These rescue dogs’ story is a beautiful reminder thatno matter how grimly your journey begins, a beautiful ending is never completely out of the question.


Despite theirhellish beginnings, these two shar-peis now get to live happylives full of endless snuggles and boundless love.

What do you think of Remy and Tillie’s stories? Have you ever rescued a pet? Let us know in the comments.

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Rescue Dogs Adopt Potato

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Their newest “foster bro” is a puppy called Potato

He was one of seven 5-week-old puppies taken from their mum to be sold at a pet store

He and his siblings had wounds, worms, mange and fleas

They were also weak and dehydrated

But as you can see from these adorable pictures, Pikelet and Patty Cakes are determined to help him recover

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Halos For Paws Helps Blind Animals In Need

After seeingher blind Scottish terrier, Scotty Boy, bump into wall after wall and cry out of frustration, Dorie Stratton decided she was going to stop watching and start helping.

She told LittleThings, He couldnt see, and would bump into walls all the time, and then just sit in the middle of the room and cry. This was no way for her precious pup to live.

So Stratton developed a device, custom-tailored to fit her pooch, which she deemed his Halo.

She enlisted the help of a friend who owned an alteration shop, and together they designed avest for Scotty Boy, complete with a wire halo that acted as his white cain.

Suddenly, wearing his Halo, Scotty Boys entire demeanor shifted. He began exploring the world again, completely fearless and free.

After seeing her pups amazing transformation, Stratton decided to see if her device could help other blind animals.

Four years later, Halos for Paws is an international business, outfitting all sorts of different blind animals with life-changing Halo vests.

Scroll through below to see how this Halo saved Scotty Boy, and howHalos for Paws is improving the lives of blind animals everywhere.



When Dorie Stratton first adopted her Scottish terrier, Scotty Boy, he was blind, scared, frustrated, and alone.

Hed been abandoned in a Walmart parking lot, likely because his previous owner didnt know how to deal with his blindness.

Scotty Boy had lost his sight to Sudden Acquired Retinal Syndrome, or SARDS, an autoimmune disease that dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds can contract.


Unable to sit back and watch Scotty Boys suffering continue, Stratton decided to take action.

She reached out to a friend who owned an alteration shop, and they collaborated on a vest for Scotty Boy to wear, adorned with a helpful wire and plastic Halo.”

This Halo would act as his white cane, notifying him when he was getting too close to certain objects.


Stratton toldLittleThings, “When the vest is put on the dog, the halo goes around the face, acting as a bumper guard should the dog run into something.”

Once Stratton outfitted little Scotty Boy with thevest, his entire life turned around.

His frustration and crying all but ceased, and his playful curiosity returned. He began exploring his surroundings again, happy and carefree.

After witnessing Scotty Boys 180-degree shift, Stratton knew these vests could be game-changers for other blind animals like Scotty.


Stratton toldLittleThings:“We initially didn’t have any plans to start a business, until we showed the vest to our Vet Ophthalmologist.

“She went crazy for the vest and said these vests are highly in demand for blind dogs and I should start a business selling these vests. I thought about it, and the rest is history.

“My partner, Ellen Burgess, and I are now successfully selling Halo Vests to keep blind animals from experiencing pain and suffering.”

These two devoted ladiesgot to work and, in the past four years, have developed an international business, outfitting blind animalswith these vests all over the world.

Since starting this operation, Stratton has been pleasantly surprised by the other differently abled pet owners with whom shes interacted.

She told LittleThings, I always felt that people were very nice and caring about their animals, and they really are!


There are people out there that have these blind animals andwould do anything to help them.

During her first year in business, Stratton was completely overwhelmed by the incredible responses shed receive from these grateful pet owners.

She shared, People would say things like, Oh my god, my dog has come back to life!


She continued, In the first year we were in business, I had to wait until around 9 p.m. to read these e-mails.

They were so beautiful, I would come to bed crying every night.


Each Halos for Paws vest is custom-made for its recipient.

This ensures each vest is proportional to thepet, sotheHalohelps,rather thanhinders, theanimals’ abilities to exist in theirsurroundings.

Halos for Paws details exactly how to measure a dog for one of their vests on their website.


Since starting this business in 2012, Halos for Paws has completely taken off.

Stratton and her crew receive orders from all over the world, their biggest customer bases residing in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

She told LittleThings of the organizations rapid growth, I never knew whenstarting this business thatthere would be thismany blind dogs all over the world.


Halos for Paws has even begun expandingits customer base beyond blind dogs, now also outfitting blind cats and sheep with these awesome vests.


Reflecting on all the lives shes helped improve since starting Halos for Paws, Stratton said, “Thesedogs get to live a normal life, and thats the greatest gift of all.

Faced with a heartbreaking reality, Stratton decided to do whatever she could to help improve her blind dogs life, and her actions have since helped exponentially more creatures to havewonderful, fear-free lives.

What do you think of Halos for Paws? Do you have a blind pet? Let us know in the comments.

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This Man Rescued These Foxes And Now They Wont Leave His Side

Fantastic Mr. Fox may have been a work of fiction, but as you can see from these pictures, this man from County Kilkenny, Ireland is most definitely the real thing.

The man is Patsy Gibbons and his two adorable sidekicks are Grainne and Minnie. Gibbons nursed the foxes back to health after they were found abandoned as pups, and although the animals made a full recovery and could have returned to the wild, it seems that they decided to adopt their rescuer instead! Somewhat unsurprisingly, the three of them receive a lot of attention from local children, so much so that schools have invited Grainne and Minnie to come along so students can see them up close.

“I now have people from all over the country and indeed the UK asking me for advice on looking after foxes,” Gibbons told The Irish Examiner. “I’m no expert and I’m still learning from them day-by-day (but) I’m happy to advise as a lay person.” (h/t: Image credits:  Image credits:  Image credits:  Image credits:  Image credits:  Image credits:  Image credits:  Image credits: 

Image credits: Clodagh Kilcoyne

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Blind Chicken Finds Happiness With Forever Family

Little Mumble the chicken is vibrant, cuddly, playful, and happens to also be blind.

She was born without any eyes, much to her mother, Rebekah Stewarts surprise.

Even though folks all across the internet told Stewartthat Mumble wouldnt make it, advising her to swiftly put the precious creature out of her misery, Stewarts gut told her a different story.

She decided to follow her instincts and continued raising little Mumble with the rest of her preciousbrood which includes dogs, cats, and rabbits.

Now, Mumble gets toplay and explore with all of her best friends everyday, living a more fantastic life than Stewart ever anticipated she would.

Mumble’s story is a beautiful reminder of what kinds of magical circumstances can unfold when, instead of dismissing disabledcreaturesfor their differences, we lead with a helping hand.

Scroll through belowto learn more about this wonderful little chickens life, and the adorable cast of characters she gets to play with day after day.

[H/T: The Dodo]



When Rebekah Stewarts grandfather gifted her a chicken egg to hatch, she placed it in her incubator, as she done for many chicken eggs before.

Unbeknownst to her, though, the chicken inside this egg was different from any other chicken she had previously encountered.


On May 4th, 2015, adorable Mumble the chicken hatched out of her shell, completely perfect, sans twolittle details she didnt have either of hereyes.


Stewart immediately took to the internet, seeking guidance regarding how to care for this adorable, differently-abled chick.

Much to her dismay, most folks that reached out in responserecommended culling the cutie.

No one believed shed be able to live a fulfilling life without her eyes.


But, Stewart couldnt do it.

She couldnt end this precious creatures life without at least giving hera fair shot at happiness.

Stewart told The Dodo, I stood up for her life even with many people telling me I was cruel and ridiculous for ‘prolonging her suffering’ and I was wasting my time.

“But as an animal lover I stood my ground.”


And, thank Godshe did!

Mumble the chicken is now a full year old, living with all her best friends, which include cats, dogs, rabbits, and humans.


She is an ambassador for differently-abled animals all over the world.

Stewart told The Dodo, She’s now a year old, and as beautiful as ever.

“More and more people are messaging her page asking for advice with disabled chicks now also, rather than just culling them.

She brings so much joy to many people, and I’m so proud of her.”


Having Mumble join her family has broadened Stewarts understanding of how differently-abled creatures like her chicken are generally treated elsewhere in the world.

She explained, Now, knowing how many chickens are actually culled for minor things such as being blind, I will be rescuing when I have the opportunity.


In the meantime, little Mumble is having a ball snuggling with Maddie, Stewarts 7-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier.


That is, in the rare moments that shes left her best friend and fellow chicken, Nyxs side.

These two cant get enough of each other!


Stewart took a chance on this little chicken, and the beautiful soul she let stay in this world has undoubtedly changed her life for the better.

What do you think of Mumble the chickens story? Have you ever considered adopting a differently-abled animal? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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