Puppy That Lost All Four Paws Now Happily Fosters Baby Animals

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When met with misfortune, it can be tempting todwell on the negatives. However,choosing to see these newchallenges as precious gifts can open up a whole world of exciting possibilities.

Nimble the dogis no stranger to the challenges of misfortune. But despite the numerous twists and turns shes faced so far in life, this pup continues to spendevery day prancing and cuddling her cares away.

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Just mere weeks after she was born, Nimbles limb tissue began deteriorating, and eventually all four of her paws andher tail detached fromher body completely.

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Differently abled animals so often get cast aside as unworthy of life. However, somefolks like Nimbles mom, Catherine Broyles, have devoted their time and love to giving these creatures a beautiful, fulfilling chance. These actions reinforcethe notion that hardships come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what, we all deserve a chance to feel love.

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Keep scrolling through below to see adorable photos of Nimble the dog, and to learn how she is helping make a difference in the lives of other foster animals.

[H/T: ABC News]



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When Catherine Broyless friend started telling her all about a little Chihuahua mix puppy suffering from a very perplexing health issue, she quickly locked in on the story.


Broyles told ABC News of her dog Nimble, She was three days old when her tissue began to deteriorate and around seven to 10days, her paws came off.

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“At 4or 5weeks old, [Nimble’s former owners] realized it was going to be emotionally and financially stressful and considered putting her down. I called and said, ‘Don’t do that. I’ll take her.’”

From that moment on, Broyles became mom to little Nimble, one of thecutest dogs you have ever seen!


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By the time Nimble was just 10 months old, shed already endured seven corrective surgeries, in an attempt to smoothout the misshapen bones left in her limbs.

The hope was that one day, Nimble would regain total mobility.


Doctors still cannot pinpoint a conclusive prognosis for why Nimbles body behaved this way, but thankfully, her surgeries have helped quite a bit.

Nimble is now able to prance around to her hearts content on plush surfaces.


While she can certainly explore every inch of her bed and the grassy parts of the backyard, Broyles is trying another tactic to open up even more opportunities for her little Nimble.

Nimble is being fitted for custom prosthetics, which would, in theory, help her regain total mobility on plush and hard surfaces alike!


These prosthetics are Nimbles nextchance at living a fully mobile life.


Not only has Nimble overcome her own challenges, but she also pays her good fortune forward.

She now helps foster every baby animal her mom brings home.


Whether her mom comeshome with a foster dog, cat, bunny, or some other species entirely, Nimble greets eachnewcomer with an open heart and endearing smile, scurrying around to help the foster friend feel right at home.


Nimble is a beautiful example of resilience, showing that even faced with unbelievable obstacles, life can and should be filled with boundless hope and love.

Though this little puppy lost all four of her paws early in life, she keeps inspiring hope and spreading joy in the hearts of many.

What do you think of Nimbles story? Would you ever consider rescuing a differently abled dog? Let us know in the comments.

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22 Super-Cute Animals With Exponentially Cuter Names

Coming up with a name for your furry new friend is no easy task. Just like human babies, their name will influence how they make friends at the park, are introduced to new people, and overall…their personality.

Okay, well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but our fur babies are part of the family!

Regardless of how much thought you did or didn’t put into your cutie’s name (I have a whole story for my Mila), these little ones have names that might just rival their ridiculously adorable looks.

1. “Cooper…Special Agent Dale Cooper.”

2. I think Dobby is definitely fitting here.

3. Everyone, say hello to Stache.

4. Thor rules with his mighty adorable eyes.

5. I could actually eat Mochi right up.

6. Okay, so Dracula isn’t your usual “cute,” but this guy is changing the rules.

7. “That’s MISTER Samuel L. Barkson to you, sir.”

8. A pug named Poncho? Stop it. Stop it right now.

9. I just fell in love with Daisy Mae. If you didn’t, you have no soul.

10. This regal boy took some hikers on a quest — they dubbed him Gandalf.

11. Yuki, you cutie.

12. Miso is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever laid eyes on.

13. “Hi! I’m Reese. Hi there. Hi!”

14. You wouldn’t guess it, but Gizmo is a girl.

15. Braille was born without eyes, but she’s the apple of ours.

16. Fudge is just as sweet as his namesake.

17. And Monroe? Well, she’s quite the flirt.

18. Barnaby has reached peak relaxation levels.

19. “I have a pot bellied pig named Bacon, so this is my new pug Eggs…” Appropriate.

20. My childhood dreams just came true…this is Dancer!

21. “Found this guy hiding in my wife’s car. We named him Dipstick.” I’m in love.

22. Rescue Helicopter was named by a three-year-old.

Man, I wish I had a cool name like Rescue Helicopter!

What did you name your fur baby? Share it with us in the comments!

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Little Dogs Living In Filth At A Puppy Mill Get A New Lease On Life

It’s been said before, but it never hurts to repeat it: When you buy puppies from most pet stores, you’re actually supporting horrible puppy mills.

If you’re in the search of a new bundle of joy in your life, please visit your local animal shelter, rescue organization, or even the pound. There are hundreds of thousands of dogs looking for loving forever homes, and if you’re looking to expand your family, make sure your new best friend isn’t the result of inhumane puppy mills.

The Wollongong Animal Rescue Network recently rescued seven adorable little puppies who had known nothing but a confined and filthy life. They were bred to be sold at a pet store, but after being rescued, they’re finally warm, fed, and have the safety that every animal deserves.

Hopefully these sweet little puppies won’t have to wait very long before someone opens up their home to one of them.

You can find more information on the No Pet Store Puppies project website and learn how you can help stop this cruelty for good.

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A Man Gets Buried Beneath A Litter Of Adorable Labrador Puppies

We all have fantasies.

My dad tells me all the time that when he was little, he used to imagine all sorts of pools filled with Jell-O, which he could dive into from a springboard. All flavors of Jell-O, all kinds of pools. In fact, he says he still hopes it will happen some day. It is, after all, 2016.

I used to have fantasies of being able to speak to my pets, and understand what they were saying to me. Well, once again, I still wish that I could do that.

There are some fantasies, though, that are much more attainable than others.

Another one of my fantasies is to play with dozens of puppies all at the same time. Cute, soft, happy puppies that would do nothing but love me and want me to rub their adorable little bellies.

This is a fantasy that’s totally attainable… and this man got to live it.

He sits with a litter of golden labrador puppies, and they’re already jumping all over him. They’re as energetic as can be, as well as adorable as humanly possible.

Then, he has no choice but to lie all the way on the ground. It’s almost like he disappears into a sea of puppies!

Just listen for what he’s saying underneath all of those canines. What do you think you would do if you could ever be in his position?


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Dog Tells Over-Enthusiastic Puppy To Be Quiet In The Cutest Way

Puppies are great. They are so outrageously cute and full of life…but sometimes, all that energy becomes a bit too much to handle. It’s at that moment you might be forgiven for thinking that the little puppy needs to be seen and not heard.

This older, no-nonsense dog is all of us when we just need a little peace and quiet.

The phrase, “Chill, dog” has never been so literal…or adorable.

“Will you be quiet?!”

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