Monkey Loses Her Mind Riding Through Car Wash


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Security Camera Footage Shows Why You Can Never Be Too Careful When Leaving Pets Alone

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Every pet owner knows that feeling when you leave the house: Is my fur baby going to be alright on his own? You’re always wondering if today’s the day that he’s going to get into some electrical wires behind the TV, or somehow learn how to turn the oven on.

While learning how to work your stove ishighlyunlikely, I’m sure you’ve had similar thoughts. Our pets are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for. And where there’s a will, there is likely a way.

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While we all hope that our pups and other pets will use their smarts to follow commands or do sweet tricks, that’s not always the case. Sometimes our pets go rogueand follow their own rules. I’m sure a good handful of you have come home to a kitchen just completely covered in trash.

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Sometimes, though, you think you’re doing everything right. You’ve locked the cabinet that opens to the trash, you’ve hidden all electrical wires in tubes, and you’ve hidden all of your valuable items away in storage. But your pet still manages to put himself in danger.

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This pup was left alone with a tall first story window cracked open. The owners never thought that their pooch would try to escape… but when they got home and checked the security footage? This will make your heart drop.

This is a shocking reminder to make sure that your home is safe for your pet! Thankfully this pooch was unharmed, but it could have ended differently.


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