Her Students Gave Her Flowers, But When She Saw What Else They Had, She Lost It

As soon as these students learned that their teacher’s cat passed away, they sprang into action.

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When the young ladies from Joshua High School found out that their math teacher, Mrs. Andrews, lost her best feline friend of 16 years, they pulled out all the stops to comfort the sweet woman in her time of need. They made her a batch of cupcakes, picked up some beautiful flowers, and surprised her right in the middle of class!

But they didn’t stop there. Wait until you see what else they did to make Mrs. Andrews smile (oh, and grab some tissues while you’re at it).

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I may or may not be crying. Just saying. Young people get a bad rap, but these three students made it abundantly clear that kids these days still have so much heart.

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When This Dog’s Owner Came To Get Him At The Vet, The Pup’s Reaction Is Too Funny

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our pets don’t enjoy trips to the vet.

They get painful shots, poked in weird places, and often have to spend long periods of time being watched over by unfamiliar people. We get it.

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But when this dog owner went to pick his pooch up from a vet visit, he was expecting to be greeted by an excited pup ready, willing, and eager to get the heck outta there. This is what he found instead:

“I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

On second thought, he may be a little miffed.

Not even the idea of dinner budged him from that carseat!

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It’s as if he’s saying, “I’ll be here while you go inside and really think about what you’ve done and how you can make it better.” I have a feeling more than a few trips to the park, bacon treats, and belly rubs are in his future.

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You’ll Be Totally Inspired By The Life Of This Amazing, Four-Legged Ambassador

This is Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll and he is, in fact, the cutest.

This is not up for debate.

Although it seems like being adorable is his full-time job, Pikelet has far more pressing responsibilities to deal with than wooing the masses.

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That’s because this do-gooder is an ambassador for rescue dogs from around the world! Before the big softie was adopted on July 4, 2013, the only thing he knew was the pain of abandonment. Thankfully, the folks over at Big Dog Rescue in New South Wales, Australia, saved him.

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After about a month in foster care, his new family couldn’t bear to part with the dog they’d come to love, so they officially adopted him! That’s how this pup went from unwanted stray to beloved ambassador.

Aside from being totally stylish, the four-legged Good Samaritan loves helping out his buddies who are less fortunate — particularly those who get a bad rap just for being bull breeds!

Nothing makes him smile quite like spreading the message he cares about. According to his humans, Pikelet’s motto is simple: “In a perfect world, every dog would have a home, and every home would have a dog.”

Mom says this is his “resting beach face.” I like her style.

Oh, and did I mention that he has an adorable little brother named Patty Cakes Huckleberry Stoll? Because he does. As you can imagine, they get into trouble every now and then.

“Hey, Mom. Nothing to see here. I don’t know who did this. Not us. Nope.”

After all, being an ambassador-in-training is a lot of work! Let’s talk about that little guy down in the corner, because I want your head to explode from sheer cuteness and I will succeed.

His name is Potato, which makes me feel like I missed an opportunity when I was thinking of a name for my dog.

With a little help from his brothers, this nugget is learning about what it takes to represent dogs that need help getting adopted by great families.

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He’s a foster pup now, but nobody would blame them for making him a permanent fixture. Just look at that face! But if he gets adopted, I’m sure his new fam will know how lucky they are to bask in the glory of his preciousness every day.

They look like tough guys, but the only thing that really gets them riled up is seeing dogs being treated badly.

Don’t sleep on the little guy. I bet he’s scrappy.

Pikelet and his buddies have helped so many dogs escape lives full of pain and abuse.

By showing people the true colors of dogs that they’ve been conditioned to fear, these canine ambassadors succeed in battling stereotypes that keep kind, lovable animals from finding the forever homes they deserve.

To learn more about Pikelet’s story and to keep up with the gang’s adorable antics, be sure to follow them on Facebook!

Oh, and don’t even bother trying not to squeal. Resistance is futile. (Images via IMP Features)

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Long-Lost Dog Finally Gets To Hug His Family Again In Heartwarming Reunion

Joe Karl’s life was turned upside down one day when his beloved dog Gunnar went missing. Karl and his family tried everything to find their cherished canine pal, but with no reports or sightings, they finally gave up.

Around the same time, agents at the City of Pittsburgh Animal Care and Control were searching for a stray dog in a nearby neighborhood. Unfortunately, they were unable to catch the quick pup, but continued sightings over the months aided in their search. Eventually, they were able to bring the dog to safety and he was transported to a local shelter for care. That’s when he was scanned for a microchip.

The shelter staff discovered it was Gunnar! The poor pooch had been missing for 20 months. Watch Gunnar’s emotional reunion with his humans below.

I’m so happy that Karl was able to see his best friend again. I’m even happier that Gunnar managed to get back to his loving home. Far too many pets go missing leaving families without a clue about what happened to them. This truly is a happy ending for these best buds.

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15 Cleaning Tips Everyone With Hardwood Floors Needs To Know

Hardwood floors make an elegant statement in any home, but cleaning them is anything but pretty.

They scratch easily, dirt gets between the slats, and if you have pets, the smell from their messes is almost impossible to get rid of.

If you’re looking for a solution to one — or all — of your hardwood headaches, check out these simple tricks for cleaning, treating, and all-around saving your beautiful flooring.

1. Remove permanent marker from hardwood by spraying the spot with cologne!

You can also get marker stains off with a little toothpaste.

2. Get rid of dents by wetting the spot and dampening a cloth or paper towel. Rub and iron over the cloth on the spot in a circular motion, checking after a minute or two on the progress.

3. Get rid of creaky floors by dusting any noisy spots with baby powder.


4. Get rid of urine stains — and their nasty smells — by spraying the area with hydrogen peroxide.

5. Cut up an old wine cork and glue it to the bottom of your furniture. This will prevent scuffs and scratches when you move things around.

6. Rub walnuts into small scratches and watch them disappear before your eyes.

7. For more extensive marks, though, mix equal parts white vinegar with canola oil and rub it on the area.

8. For an all-natural floor cleaner, brew a few black tea bags and wipe your floors down with a rag that’s damp with the tea. Here’s why it works.

9. You can also make this DIY cleaner with just water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and some dish soap.

10. No matter how well you clean and polish your floors, they will start to fade. Bring them back to life by rubbing them down with some Old English lemon oil.

11. Literally erase scuff marks with the common school supply.

12. Get rid of tape residue on your hardwood floors with a mix of two tablespoons of baking soda and a quarter to a half teaspoon of water.

Spread the paste on the sticky area, let it dry, dampen a cloth with water and rub the spot clean.

13. Whatever you do, DON’T clean your hardwood floors with a soaking wet mop. A damp one with soap and water is better.

14. If you notice hairline cracks in the wood, don’t panic. Floors expand and contract during winter and summer months. Wait until the problem solves itself in warmer weather or speed up the process with a humidifier.

15. Finally, make your home a shoe-free zone. Have guests and family members check them at the door to prevent tracking dirt that then creates scratches and scuffs.


(via One Crazy House)

Hardwood floors might require a bit more upkeep than laminate flooring or tiles, but they’re totally worth it. And with these tricks, it doesn’t seem like such a pain to clean them anymore!

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