Tiny Baby Shares A Special Connection With His Four Adorable Bunnies

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We might not remember the things we did as babies, but it’s no surprise that babies, despite their very short experience in life arethe people probably most willing and capable of making instant friends.

That’s certainly the case with baby Finn, aged 10 weeks. Despite being less than half a year old, he’s already made fast friends with his family’s four pet rabbits, Opal, Lucy, Leo, and Tulip.

The gentle, fluffy creatures took an immediate liking to Finn, and he to them. And they’ve been inseparable and adorable ever since.

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And luckily for us, Finn’s mom, Lindsay Bonnice, who officially adopted him at two days old, is a professional photographer, so we get to take a peek at their adorable adventures.

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And it turns out that being adorable and loving animals is a common trait in the Bonnice family. Not too long ago, the world fell in love with Finn’s older sister, Libby, who formed a beautiful friendship with her pig friend, Pearl.

Check out baby Finn and his rabbit friends below, and your day will get so much brighter!

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Meet Finn. At only 10 weeks old, he’s already made close and cuddly friends with his family’s four rabbits, Opal, Lucy, Leo, and Tulip.

And they love him just as much.

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The bunnies live with Finn, his sister, Libby, brother Noah, photographer mom Lindsay Bonnice, and dad, as well as a number of other adorable, fuzzy friends including chickens, cats, dogs, and goats!

Seriously, this is the cutest family ever.

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And if Libby and Pearl sound familiar, it’s because their friendship, which looks like something right out of a storybook, took the internet by storm not long ago.

Bonnice adopted Finn when he was just two days old, and Libby was more than ready to launch into big sister mode.

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And of course, the bunnies were happy to step in, too. According to Bonnice, Finn was instantly curious about them, and loved watching them hop around.

“They are always very curious of him,” Bonnice adds. “It’s so sweet how they are drawn to him.”

Apparently a deep, instinctual love of animals is something that runs in this family!

Besides managing her adorable menagerie, Bonnice also works as a children’s and family photographer.

Her gorgeous, pastel-hued shots celebrate the beauty of her children and their animal friends.

And Finn? He’s definitely enjoying all this love.

And the bunnies do love him! They can often be found snuggled up with Finn at nap time.

And naturally they find time to celebrate.

But nap time usually wins out!

It’s really amazing when you consider how young he is that Finn is able to connect with these animals.

But then, bunnies are sensitive and gentle, so maybe it’s a natural match!

And of course, the other animals love him, too. This piggy is Ruby, Pearl’s fashionably spotted sister!

You can see much more of this sweet family’s adventures on Bonnice’s website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

And be sure toSHARE with anyone who needs an extra dose of sweetness today!

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A Little Girl Reads Her Giant Dog A Bedtime Story To Calm Him Down

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Did your mom or dad ever read you bedtime stories when you were little? It’s such a wonderful way to get the little ones excited about books and storytelling, and to get their imaginations running wild.

Another great thing for a little one growing up is for them to have a pet to care for. There’s really nothing quite like having a living creature to love and learn how to appreciate when you’re smaller. It teaches kids how to be gentle and caring toward their fellow living creatures. This empathy will help them grow up into better adults. Plus, the memories made with family pets are truly irreplaceable.

This little girl has a very special pet and the size difference between the two of them just makes their friendship all the sweeter. Newfoundlands can grow up to be about 30 inches tall, which is much taller than this young girl is. Having this behemoth of a gentle giant around while growing up must be so much fun for this little girl.

Clearly she has a very special relationship with this pup, because when it’s time for him to go to sleep, she does something that every good parent does: read him a bedtime story.

Of course, this pooch isn’t going to reap the same benefits as a human child would from this storytelling, but his reaction sure is cute!


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Young Girl With Autism Learns To Express Herself Thanks To A Very Special Cat

Even when she was young, it was clear to Iris Grace Halmshaw’s parents that she would need some extra help. Iris has severe autism, and as a result, she was unable to communicate for very long time.

That didn’t stop Iris from wowing people with her incredible artistic talent, though.

The 6-year-old found refuge, and a way of expressing herself, through her abstract paintings, which have been sold around the world.That’s no small feat for any 6-year-old, but when it came to day-to-day life, Iris struggled.

She was easily overwhelmed in the presence of other children, and found it difficult to sleep. What most children would consider simple, everyday things wearing clothes, riding in cars, and taking baths Iris struggled with.

She also had no means of communication, which meant that she couldn’t express her needs and feelings, even to her parents.

But that all changed when Iris got a therapy animal. And while you might be imagining a dog, Iris’ companion is actually a Maine coon cat named Thula. It might seem like an odd pair, but it’s one that works magically.

See Iris and Thula’s adventures below, and you’ll see how having an animal friend really makes such a huge difference for all children.

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This is Iris Grace Halmshaw. She was born with severe autism that makes her unable to speak.

For a long time, she was unable to communicate, even nonverbally. Her mother, Arabella Carter-Johnston, described her as “trapped in her own world, unreachable.”

Iris found solace, though, in painting.

These colorful, abstract paintings show a precocious talent, and her art has caught the attention of people across the globe.

Her paintings, created with paint, ink, and glitter, are dreamy and show a remarkable talent and sense of color.

They were also a way for Iris to express her feelings and creativity, since she was having so much trouble communicating.

But everything changed when the family adopted Thula, a Maine coon cat.

Carter-Johnston noticed that Thula and Iris immediately took to one another, and that Iris was suddenly, as if my magic, able to communicate.

“So many things changed after Thula came into our lives,” Carter-Johnston says. “It was as if all [Iris’] difficulties were being sorted out one by one by her trusty companion.

Iris and Thula are inseparable, and Thula watches over Iris as she plays, paints, and explores.

Studies have shown that having a pet helps children with autism to develop their social skills.

For Iris, Thula provided company and comfort and made things like riding in the car or getting a haircut, both things that Iris found traumatic, much easier.

In fact, her anxiety about them seems to have evaporated completely.

Thula never leaves Iris’ side. Here she is watching Iris working on one of her masterpieces.

And even though she’s learning to communicate more freely, Iris hasn’t lost her creative drive and her love of painting.

If anything, she’s getting braver with experimenting, and is learning to try new things and branch out.

And her faithful friend, Thula, is always there to help her creative process.

Carter-Johnston also noticed that as Iris became more warm and social with Thula, she also started opening up to her family.

She’d previously disliked being hugged or kissed, but has since become more affectionate.

“It was as if she was opening up to all of us after Thula came into our lives,” Carter-Johnston says.

Iris has also been using her words more to communicate, rather than pointing or gesturing. She talks not only to Thula, but to her parents, too.

For a long time, Iris also had trouble sleeping, and would frequently wake up in the night feeling afraid.

But once again, Thula was the answer.

The two love snuggling up, and if Iris wakes, Thula is there to comfort her.

Carter-Johnston is amazed at the progress her daughter is making, and describes the friendship as “a powerful connection that we had been searching for all this time.”

You can see more of the pair’s adventures, as well as some of Iris’ artwork, on their Facebook page, and be sure toSHARE this story so people can see what a difference pets can really make!

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Loving Autistic Boy Finds Friendship In The Most Unlikely Of Places

Joey is a 13-year-old boy who has been having a bit of trouble lately. Mom always knew that something was a bit “different” about her little son, but it wasn’t until a doctor gave her the news that she finally got the proof she felt she always needed:her son was autistic.

While there is a broad spectrum of those with autism, and Joey is a high-functioning boy, he’s always been a bit antisocial and when it comes to making friends; he just never had any luck.

So one day, Joey surprised his mom when he told her he really wanted a pet dog. Joey’s mom never really thought about it, but soon after she was scrolling through her Facebook when she laid eyes on one of the most beautiful little pit bulls in the world.

These dogs get such a bad reputation as “aggressive” or “mean,” but watch what happened when she took Joey to the local shelter to check her out!

Please read more about this incredible story below!


Joey has always had trouble finding friends. Ever since he was a little boy, things just seemed a bit harder for him to figure out.

Joey’s mom always thought that something could have been a bit different about her beautiful boy, so when the doctor said he was autistic, it still must have been quite a shock!

People with autism often get a bad reputation. Even if they’re high-functioning and can take care of themselves, people seem to judge them harshly and without any chance of redemption.

So when Joey asked his mom for a dog, it seems almost as if the fates were involved when they chose to stick Joey with a beautiful pit bull named Roxy.

These dogs come with such a horrible stigma that it’s hard to realize that they’re peaceful and loving if you treat them with kindness. It’s not the dog that’s “bad,” but the humans who make them that way!

Since Joey adopted Roxy, his confidence has gone way up. He goes out more and he’s even tried out for high school sports!

These two amazing friends really show how unfair the world can be sometimes. Joey faces unfair judgements every single day simply due to his condition, and poor Roxy is categorized as “aggressive” simply because of her breed.

These two both deserve some real respect, because they’ve earned it!

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Children Practice Their Reading Skills To Calm Shy Shelter Dogs

Some time ago, we wrote about

“Reading to the dogs helps to bring comfort to and reduce the anxiety of shelter pets”

“When children tell stories to the dogs, it also helps them develop their own reading skills”

“Hearing a child reading can really calm those animals. It is incredible, the response we’ve seen in these dogs.”

Watch the full video below:

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