Puppy That Lost All Four Paws Now Happily Fosters Baby Animals

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When met with misfortune, it can be tempting todwell on the negatives. However,choosing to see these newchallenges as precious gifts can open up a whole world of exciting possibilities.

Nimble the dogis no stranger to the challenges of misfortune. But despite the numerous twists and turns shes faced so far in life, this pup continues to spendevery day prancing and cuddling her cares away.

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Just mere weeks after she was born, Nimbles limb tissue began deteriorating, and eventually all four of her paws andher tail detached fromher body completely.

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Differently abled animals so often get cast aside as unworthy of life. However, somefolks like Nimbles mom, Catherine Broyles, have devoted their time and love to giving these creatures a beautiful, fulfilling chance. These actions reinforcethe notion that hardships come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what, we all deserve a chance to feel love.

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Keep scrolling through below to see adorable photos of Nimble the dog, and to learn how she is helping make a difference in the lives of other foster animals.

[H/T: ABC News]



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When Catherine Broyless friend started telling her all about a little Chihuahua mix puppy suffering from a very perplexing health issue, she quickly locked in on the story.


Broyles told ABC News of her dog Nimble, She was three days old when her tissue began to deteriorate and around seven to 10days, her paws came off.

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“At 4or 5weeks old, [Nimble’s former owners] realized it was going to be emotionally and financially stressful and considered putting her down. I called and said, ‘Don’t do that. I’ll take her.’”

From that moment on, Broyles became mom to little Nimble, one of thecutest dogs you have ever seen!


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By the time Nimble was just 10 months old, shed already endured seven corrective surgeries, in an attempt to smoothout the misshapen bones left in her limbs.

The hope was that one day, Nimble would regain total mobility.


Doctors still cannot pinpoint a conclusive prognosis for why Nimbles body behaved this way, but thankfully, her surgeries have helped quite a bit.

Nimble is now able to prance around to her hearts content on plush surfaces.


While she can certainly explore every inch of her bed and the grassy parts of the backyard, Broyles is trying another tactic to open up even more opportunities for her little Nimble.

Nimble is being fitted for custom prosthetics, which would, in theory, help her regain total mobility on plush and hard surfaces alike!


These prosthetics are Nimbles nextchance at living a fully mobile life.


Not only has Nimble overcome her own challenges, but she also pays her good fortune forward.

She now helps foster every baby animal her mom brings home.


Whether her mom comeshome with a foster dog, cat, bunny, or some other species entirely, Nimble greets eachnewcomer with an open heart and endearing smile, scurrying around to help the foster friend feel right at home.


Nimble is a beautiful example of resilience, showing that even faced with unbelievable obstacles, life can and should be filled with boundless hope and love.

Though this little puppy lost all four of her paws early in life, she keeps inspiring hope and spreading joy in the hearts of many.

What do you think of Nimbles story? Would you ever consider rescuing a differently abled dog? Let us know in the comments.

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Blind Cow Loses Pig Best Friend, But Finds New Guardian Angel

Every animal deserves a chance to live its happiest life.

At Dont Forget Us Pet Us animal sanctuary in Dartmouth, MA, all sorts of previously neglected, abused, and forgotten animals are gifted second chances to thrive in a safe and welcoming environment.

This beautiful locale, home to domestic and farm animals alike, is ripe with cross-species friendships, though, none arequite as sweet as the bondthat formed between Baby the blind cow, and her seeing-eye pig Lulu.

These two pals were inseparable for the longest time, up until Lulu sadly passed on. Deb Devlin, DFUPU owner, wasnt sure how Baby would cope with losing her faithful companion.

Thankfully, though, she didnt have to wonder for long, because an adorable little miracle a small runaway calf wandered into all of their lives, lifting Babys spirits right back up.

Scroll through below for a look at Lulu, Baby, and the orphan calf thatgave Baby her second chance at happiness.

[H/T: The Dodo]



When Lulu the pig was a newborn piglet, her mom, likely unknowingly, laid on top of her, crushing two of her little piglet legs.

Unable to really walk, Lulu couldn’tget the proper nutrition she needed to mature at a normal rate.

Thankfully, she reached Dont Forget Us Pet Us sanctuary in the nick of time, and was slowly, but surely, nursed back to health.

Dont Forget Us Pet Us (DFUPU) animal sanctuary in Dartmouth, MA, rehabilitatesabused, neglected, and discarded animals, andis home to many loving creatures like Lulu.

Lulus rough start in life made her skittish to the touch for a while, but her mood seemed to mellow when she met her best friend, Baby the blind cow.


Deb Devlin, DFUPU owner, told the Dodo:I had tried to pair her [Baby] up with other animals, and it just didn’t work.

“I didn’t think the pig would be aggressive to the cow, and the pig was plenty sturdy. If the cow accidentally bumped into her, she [Lulu] would be OK.”


These two becamethe best of friends for eight glorious years.

While most of the organizations animals get to also venture out into the community and share their gentle souls with humans in need, Baby and Lulu never got to go out on any suchadventures.

Due to her blindness, Baby could not really balance well during transport, and Lulu was simply too rowdy for a portable pen.

Instead, this dynamic duo would stay behind, and romp around together on their own escapades.


Eventually, though, Lulus time began running out.

When Lulufinally passed on, Devlin wasnt quite sure what would become of Baby.

Devlin told LittleThings: “After Lulu’s passing, Baby mooed for two days. She also walked in circles frantically. She was unable to walk straight or she would hit fencing. I tried a sheep, a goat, but nothing worked at all.”


Even though Baby had lost her longtime friend, her luck hadnt entirely run out.

Prior to Lulu’s passing, DFUPU had been making arrangements to purchase a spunky little calf from a nearby farm.

This determined and spritely little fireball hadpreviously been loose for weeks.

Devlin told LittleThings: “She escaped with two others she had grown up with at another farm. They were purchased by the cattle company in Dartmouth, which was going to eventually sell them for beef.

“The three [calves] got loose as they were unloading the cows. Two were killed on the highway shortly after, although she did not get hit.”


The calf was then returned to her farm, but quickly made a second escape, likely searching for the friends she’d lost.

She was then resecured at the farm, just as DFUPU made arrangements to have her delivered to them for proper care.

Devlin told LittleThings,”The day the calf arrived, I had set up two small areas divided by an eight-foot gate. I was hoping to acclimate the two side by side first.”

She continued: “Baby could get used to her noises, movement, smell, sounds, etc. She was so in tune to those things, not having her sight.

“When the calf unloaded into her small pen, she was nervous and timid. She quickly saw Baby and she blasted that gate off its hinges… it was still secured on one side by a chain so she jumped the four-foot width of the gate and ran to Baby’s side.”


While no friend could ever replaceBabys beloved Lulu, this little calf is bringing out a new side in Baby no one ever expected to see.

Devlin told LittleThings: “The bond was immediate, the love instant and even though Baby has never had a baby… she takes care of, protects and nurtures this little calf… all the things Lulu did for her. It it so incredible!”


Speaking of Lulu and Baby, she continued, “It is absolutely soul-touching that they are having their ‘moment to shine’ and their beautiful friendship shared all over the world.”

This story epitomizes second chances, showing that even when all hope feels lost, you never know what beautiful miracleslurkjust around the corner!


Just when Baby felt like shed never find another mate quite like her precious Lulu, this little calf came racing in, filling her life with new joy and meaning.

What do you think of these animal friends? Let us know in the comments.

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Scooby The Senior Dog Gets An Amazing Makeover So He Can Find A Forever Home!

It’s a hard life when you’re a dog thathas been left behind in a shelter. Surrounded by other dogs all barking, being randomly fed by strange humans, all without truly understanding what’s really going on.

But there’s always hope; there’s always the chance that these dogs will get saved by a loving human family so they can finally live in a forever home filled with kindness and respect. But of the millions of dogs thatare waiting for a loving home, there are millions of others thatdon’t get to experience that.

Sometimes it’s because of their breed pit bulls are viewed as aggressive, for instance. Sometimes it’s because of their color black-furredanimals all have a stigma of being “evil.” But for senior dogs, it’s nearly impossible to ever find a home.

Senior dogs, like Scooby, usually don’t get a second chance. But the video below shows what just a little bit of some loving care can do. A group of dog groomers got together and helped to glam up Scooby and 56 other dogs just to see if it could help them get adopted!

Check out the rest of Scooby’s story below if you want to be happy for the rest of the day!


Meet Scooby: he’s a wise and experienced senior dog thatthrough no fault of his own was left to be homeless. His loving human died after many years together, so the only place to put Scooby was in a shelter.

Being a senior dog in a shelter is never good. It’s hard enough for younger dogs to get picked for a loving forever home, but the odds are stacked against dogs thatare older. They’re usually always skipped over.

Therefore, in order to give Scooby a better chance, a local shelter decided to give him a nice new haircut and a cute little tie to wear, all in order to call more attention to him!

This dog has personality and a great capacity for love. Just because he’s a few years older than the dogs around him doesn’t mean he won’t make an amazing companion for years and years to come!

The haircut and bath went amazing. This “old” dog really loved the feeling of being pampered for the day.

Believe it or not, these two are bothScooby! The dog on the right looks like a puppy, and you’d never believe he was a “senior” dog!

But did his makeover work? Will he get adopted?

Check out the amazing video below to find out if Scooby finds a forever home!

Watch the HEARTWARMING video below!


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Adorable Baby Finally Gets To Meet His Big Brother In The Cutest Video Ever


When the Moore family celebrated the birth of their new and adorable baby, they thought it would be the responsible thing to do to keep the dog and newborn separated for the first few months.
So when it came time to introduce their tiny baby boy to the family beagle, they realized that this was going to be a pretty big moment, so they decided to film it! Thank goodness they did, because what they captured was one of the most adorable introductions you could ever hope for!
The beagle instantly walks up to the tiny baby, and it seems like he immediately realizes how important this little puppy-like thing is to mom and dad. To show how much he loves the newest addition to the pack, he rolls over and shows his belly for some petting!
While it’s good that the parents were worried enough to hold off on the meeting, it turns out that their concerns were way off. Because it seems like these two babies are going to be best friends forever!
The baby touches the big beagles head, and he even starts giving some kisses. The dog is already in love and totally enamored with the little baby, and before you know it everyone is giving everyone a big sloppy kiss!
Please watch the adorable video below if you love the bond that puppies have with small children.
And please SHARE this adorable story if you love babies and puppies so much!

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Baby Deer Struggles To Share A Bottle Of Milk With Her Big Sister

Having siblings is both a blessing and a curse. You share a lot of the same experiences and grow up with the same parents, you share deep secrets, deep love, and a whole lot of fighting!

As siblings grow up, hopefully the fighting goes away, but sometimes our more childish natures get the better of us! Liddy Bug is a beautiful baby deer and her human is doing his best to give her some milk so she can grow up to be strong. But it seems like her much bigger sister Duchess wants to get a bit of her own!

In fact, it seems like Duchess hasn’t really learned the importance ofsharing,especially with your younger siblings! As the two struggle to lick some milk out of the same bottle, it’s a true wonder how the man behind the camera managed to keep from laughing out loud.

Finally, Duchess wanders away, but just when things finally seemed calm again, you won’t believe who shows up with an angry “hiss!” It seems like little Liddy Bug will never get the bottle of milk she deserves.

Thankfully, her humans are taking very good care of her, we can’t wait to see her when she’s grown up and can push her big sister out of the way for some doggy treats!


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