Clever Little Dog Tricks His Big Friend To Get His Toy

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It’s not just the trained pups who are incredibly smart animals. Service dogs definitely make a difference in the lives of those who need them, and even the family pet can sniff out danger before it strikes unsuspecting humans. These are only examples of dogs’ intelligence when they interact with people, but if you observe them when they play with other animals, you’ll see that their intelligence is just as apparent!

One dog owner was able to catch on camera a shining example of just how clever his dog truly is while he was playing with another pet. The two adorable pups playfully squabble over a pink toy, and it seems like the bigger one has an advantage over the brown one.

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When the toy falls on the ground, they both eye it before jumping off the chair. But the brown pup has an idea: In the blink of an eye, while his bigger companion is turned away from him, he sneaks under the chair! The confused dog sniffs around, trying to find his friend. He mistakenly forgets about the pink toy, and that’s when you see it…

Watch the clip until the end to find out how this clever brown pup managed to hoodwink his friend!


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Monkey Loses Her Mind Riding Through Car Wash


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Barn Cat Loves To Ride On Top Of Animals All Around This Farm

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Snowfall Ranch is a beautiful seven-acre farm located in Elizabeth, CO. As with many farms, Snowfall Ranch had a bit of a mouse problem. That’s when Teton was brought in.

Teton, the tabby cat, took his surveying role pretty seriously from the start. As a matter of fact, mice weren’t the only animals he kept in line. From a very young age, he rough-housed with animals many times his size.Fearlessly, Teton would play with the horses, ponies, donkeys, and goats.

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One day, Joanna and Scott Shaw, owners of Snowfall Ranch, noticed something a bit odd. Teton decided, instead of using his own four legs, he’d get a leg up on his other farm animal companions.

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Whether Teton wanted a better view to keep an eye on meddling mice, or he just wanted to catch a free ride, the other animals don’t seem to mind the little fur ball riding on their backs.

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Take a look at these hilarious photos Teton’s owners managed to snap of him surveying his kingdom, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about him in the comments!

[H/T: The Dodo]


Joanna Shaw

Teton was brought in to Snowfall Ranch to do what barn cats do best, wrangle mice. The fearless kitty took his job very seriously.

Joanna Shaw

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Even as a kitten, Teton would rough-house with the other animals on the farm. The horses, ponies, and goats towered over the little cat, but he had a solution for that.

Joanna Shaw

He simply hopped up on his tall companions’ backs for a better view. Farm owners, Joanna and Scott Shaw, took notice and started snapping pictures of the hilarious sight.

Joanna Shaw

Does he have a favoriteanimal to use astransportation?

“We do see him on the miniature horses and donkey the most,” Joanna Shawexplained to The Dodo.

Joanna Shaw

The bold and brave kitty does have one fear: getting his paws wet. Luckily, he can turn to his large, furry pals for help.

Joanna Shaw explained that “he tends to ride them more in the snow.”

Joanna Shaw

Teton is the undisputed ruler of his kingdom. Andas long as he has a willing back to hop on, his reign will continue.

If you’d like to learn more about Teton’s farm, Snowfall Ranch, visit their website.

Has your cat ever tried something like this? Let us know what you think about this brave kitty, and don’t forget toSHARE with anyone who could use a good laugh!

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Cat Stuns Everyone With Ballet Dance Moves

Cats are graceful creatures.

They’re able to jump incredible heights without making a sound, sneak noiselessly through the house, and squeeze into impossibly tiny spaces. They’re even rumored to have nine lives!

But did you know they can also be accomplished dancers?

That may be a bit of an exaggeration for most cats, except for one very talented Japanese kitty named Mirko. This hysterical cat is taking the internet by storm with his unbelievableability to defy gravity.

Every time Mirko pounces, he manages to strike a pose. Luckily for us, the silly cat’s owner began taking snapshots of thiscat’s ballet skills, and they are quite a sight.

Cats are known for their unusual behaviors, but this one really stands out among them with his poise and pliabilities.

Scroll down to see photos of the talented, seemingly weightless Mirko, and let usknow what you think of his ballet moves in the comments!


Mirko is a cat of many talents.

The funny feline hails from Japan and has some serious moves!

His owner must have noticed Mirko’s graceful abilities as his cat leapt and played in the living room one day.

There’s just something about the way this funny cat moves.

Each time Mirko goes to jump in the air, the graceful white cat looks as if he’s performing a ballet.

As he effortlessly twirls, leaps, and bends, you can’t help but think for a moment that this cat knows what he’s doing… He’s putting on a performance!

The cat moves as if he’s weightless!

Mirko is able to take his dance moves to much greater heights than any human ballet dancer ever could.

You may be wondering why this cat is putting on such an interesting performance?

The next photo might give you a clue.

Are all these dance moves just for this mysterious floating feather toy?

Or is he a classically trained cat that just loves to show off his ability to pirouette?

Either way, this graceful cat looks like he’s just going to keep on dancing!

Let us know what you think of Mirko’s moves in the comments, and don’t forget toSHARE with anyone who’s looking for a laugh!

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Floki The Cat Meets Her Puppy Siblings For The Very First Time

Whoever came up with the idea that cats and dogs are sworn enemies probably never owned a cat or a dog. Sure, dogs can be a little energetic and cats can be somewhat easily annoyed, but isn’t that true of most human beings? With the right forgiving feline and polite pooch, cats and dogs can be a match made in furry heaven for each other and their humans who get to bask in the ensuing adorableness!

In the Atkinson family,Floki the cat thought she was the head honcho of the house. It was just her territory until her humans brought home a precious pair of puppies to join the family. The put the babies on the couch to get comfy while Floki scouts out the competition. At first, she’s rightfully a little nervous. Who are these creatures? Why are they so little andrambunctious? And when do I get to paw at their flappy tails?

The next thing you know, that fear turns into fun as she’s playing, pawing, and perhaps even petting (at 4:22) her new puppy sibling. She might not get all the attention anymore, but she knows when to take care of little ones, and it’s time to be responsible and care for another family member. They may not share much DNA, but they can share a happy home, and that means they’re family for life.


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