Disabled Baby Chick Gets A Second Chance At Life

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Peeps is a very speciallittle chick. Her life began in a classroom as part of an egg-hatching project at Mary Kay McMillinSchool in New Jersey.

The children were devastated to learn that their new fuzzy friend would be leaving them, so their teachers reached out to Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary to see if there was anything they could do fornewly hatched chicks. Luckily, they were willing to take two of the chicks back to theirfarm, which is home to more than 120 turkeys, chickens, and pigs.

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Peeps was very fortunate to have been picked up by the team at Tamerlaine Farm, because she was born with a slipped tendon and most likely would have been put down by anyone else immediately.The amazing folks at the animal sanctuary had another idea in mind:instead of allowing Peeps to die, the staff began to research ways to save the helpless bird.

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The solution the team came up with is incredible, and a little unbelievable! Let us know what you think of Peeps and her story of recovery in the comments below.

[H/T: The Dodo]


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Peeps began her life in a classroom as part of a chick-hatching experiment. The studentsfell in love with their hatchlings, but knew they weren’t going to be able to keep them.

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The teachers at Mary Kay McMillindecided to reach out to Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary in hopes that the chicks would find a good home. They animal sanctuary offered to take in two of the chicks.

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One of those lucky chicks wasPeeps. She was born with a slipped tendon and wasn’t able to walk properly because her leg stuck out at a strange angle. The team at Tamerlaine Farm began their research to see what they could do for the little chick.

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The team went as far as to send X-rays to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, but everyone they reached out to said there was no way to fix the leg, even with surgery. They decided it was best to amputate her leg to ensure she had a better quality of life.

Dr. Sherri Talbot-Valerio, a local vet at the Branchville County Veterinary Clinic, performed surgery on little Peeps. She even created a temporary prosthetic leg to help Peepsget around until she could be fitted with a permanent prosthetic once she’s fully grown!

The team at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary plans to fit Peeps with a 3D-printed prosthetic leg down the line. Peeps is a pretty lucky chicken!

Why go through so much trouble for one little chick? Gabrielle Stubbert, president and cofounder of Tamerlaine Farm, says chickens have personalities and are just as interesting as other animals, like dogs and pigs.

“Chickens are the most disposed, disregarded and abused animals in our food system,” Stubbert told LittleThings. “By going the extra distance for little Peeps, we hope to show people that their lives matter and are as precious as any other pet or loved one in the family.”

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the folks at Tamerlaine Farm, Peeps will have the opportunity to live out her life comfortably in the hands of people whotruly care about her.

If you’d like to follow Peeps’s story, check out Tamerlaine Farm’sFacebookpage.

Let us know what you think about Tamerlaine Farm’s incredible efforts for Peeps, and don’t forget toSHAREwith the farm animal lovers in your life!

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Blind Cow Loses Pig Best Friend, But Finds New Guardian Angel

Every animal deserves a chance to live its happiest life.

At Dont Forget Us Pet Us animal sanctuary in Dartmouth, MA, all sorts of previously neglected, abused, and forgotten animals are gifted second chances to thrive in a safe and welcoming environment.

This beautiful locale, home to domestic and farm animals alike, is ripe with cross-species friendships, though, none arequite as sweet as the bondthat formed between Baby the blind cow, and her seeing-eye pig Lulu.

These two pals were inseparable for the longest time, up until Lulu sadly passed on. Deb Devlin, DFUPU owner, wasnt sure how Baby would cope with losing her faithful companion.

Thankfully, though, she didnt have to wonder for long, because an adorable little miracle a small runaway calf wandered into all of their lives, lifting Babys spirits right back up.

Scroll through below for a look at Lulu, Baby, and the orphan calf thatgave Baby her second chance at happiness.

[H/T: The Dodo]



When Lulu the pig was a newborn piglet, her mom, likely unknowingly, laid on top of her, crushing two of her little piglet legs.

Unable to really walk, Lulu couldn’tget the proper nutrition she needed to mature at a normal rate.

Thankfully, she reached Dont Forget Us Pet Us sanctuary in the nick of time, and was slowly, but surely, nursed back to health.

Dont Forget Us Pet Us (DFUPU) animal sanctuary in Dartmouth, MA, rehabilitatesabused, neglected, and discarded animals, andis home to many loving creatures like Lulu.

Lulus rough start in life made her skittish to the touch for a while, but her mood seemed to mellow when she met her best friend, Baby the blind cow.


Deb Devlin, DFUPU owner, told the Dodo:I had tried to pair her [Baby] up with other animals, and it just didn’t work.

“I didn’t think the pig would be aggressive to the cow, and the pig was plenty sturdy. If the cow accidentally bumped into her, she [Lulu] would be OK.”


These two becamethe best of friends for eight glorious years.

While most of the organizations animals get to also venture out into the community and share their gentle souls with humans in need, Baby and Lulu never got to go out on any suchadventures.

Due to her blindness, Baby could not really balance well during transport, and Lulu was simply too rowdy for a portable pen.

Instead, this dynamic duo would stay behind, and romp around together on their own escapades.


Eventually, though, Lulus time began running out.

When Lulufinally passed on, Devlin wasnt quite sure what would become of Baby.

Devlin told LittleThings: “After Lulu’s passing, Baby mooed for two days. She also walked in circles frantically. She was unable to walk straight or she would hit fencing. I tried a sheep, a goat, but nothing worked at all.”


Even though Baby had lost her longtime friend, her luck hadnt entirely run out.

Prior to Lulu’s passing, DFUPU had been making arrangements to purchase a spunky little calf from a nearby farm.

This determined and spritely little fireball hadpreviously been loose for weeks.

Devlin told LittleThings: “She escaped with two others she had grown up with at another farm. They were purchased by the cattle company in Dartmouth, which was going to eventually sell them for beef.

“The three [calves] got loose as they were unloading the cows. Two were killed on the highway shortly after, although she did not get hit.”


The calf was then returned to her farm, but quickly made a second escape, likely searching for the friends she’d lost.

She was then resecured at the farm, just as DFUPU made arrangements to have her delivered to them for proper care.

Devlin told LittleThings,”The day the calf arrived, I had set up two small areas divided by an eight-foot gate. I was hoping to acclimate the two side by side first.”

She continued: “Baby could get used to her noises, movement, smell, sounds, etc. She was so in tune to those things, not having her sight.

“When the calf unloaded into her small pen, she was nervous and timid. She quickly saw Baby and she blasted that gate off its hinges… it was still secured on one side by a chain so she jumped the four-foot width of the gate and ran to Baby’s side.”


While no friend could ever replaceBabys beloved Lulu, this little calf is bringing out a new side in Baby no one ever expected to see.

Devlin told LittleThings: “The bond was immediate, the love instant and even though Baby has never had a baby… she takes care of, protects and nurtures this little calf… all the things Lulu did for her. It it so incredible!”


Speaking of Lulu and Baby, she continued, “It is absolutely soul-touching that they are having their ‘moment to shine’ and their beautiful friendship shared all over the world.”

This story epitomizes second chances, showing that even when all hope feels lost, you never know what beautiful miracleslurkjust around the corner!


Just when Baby felt like shed never find another mate quite like her precious Lulu, this little calf came racing in, filling her life with new joy and meaning.

What do you think of these animal friends? Let us know in the comments.

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Barn Cat Loves To Ride On Top Of Animals All Around This Farm

Snowfall Ranch is a beautiful seven-acre farm located in Elizabeth, CO. As with many farms, Snowfall Ranch had a bit of a mouse problem. That’s when Teton was brought in.

Teton, the tabby cat, took his surveying role pretty seriously from the start. As a matter of fact, mice weren’t the only animals he kept in line. From a very young age, he rough-housed with animals many times his size.Fearlessly, Teton would play with the horses, ponies, donkeys, and goats.

One day, Joanna and Scott Shaw, owners of Snowfall Ranch, noticed something a bit odd. Teton decided, instead of using his own four legs, he’d get a leg up on his other farm animal companions.

Whether Teton wanted a better view to keep an eye on meddling mice, or he just wanted to catch a free ride, the other animals don’t seem to mind the little fur ball riding on their backs.

Take a look at these hilarious photos Teton’s owners managed to snap of him surveying his kingdom, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about him in the comments!

[H/T: The Dodo]


Joanna Shaw

Teton was brought in to Snowfall Ranch to do what barn cats do best, wrangle mice. The fearless kitty took his job very seriously.

Joanna Shaw

Even as a kitten, Teton would rough-house with the other animals on the farm. The horses, ponies, and goats towered over the little cat, but he had a solution for that.

Joanna Shaw

He simply hopped up on his tall companions’ backs for a better view. Farm owners, Joanna and Scott Shaw, took notice and started snapping pictures of the hilarious sight.

Joanna Shaw

Does he have a favoriteanimal to use astransportation?

“We do see him on the miniature horses and donkey the most,” Joanna Shawexplained to The Dodo.

Joanna Shaw

The bold and brave kitty does have one fear: getting his paws wet. Luckily, he can turn to his large, furry pals for help.

Joanna Shaw explained that “he tends to ride them more in the snow.”

Joanna Shaw

Teton is the undisputed ruler of his kingdom. Andas long as he has a willing back to hop on, his reign will continue.

If you’d like to learn more about Teton’s farm, Snowfall Ranch, visit their website.

Has your cat ever tried something like this? Let us know what you think about this brave kitty, and don’t forget toSHARE with anyone who could use a good laugh!

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Sweet Baby Rescue Goat Cant Stop Kissing Everyone He Meets

For little Dean the goat, life began with a particularly difficult challenge.

Deans mother, sadly, abandoned him at birth. Since he wasnt getting proper nutrients from his mothers milk, this little kid became shockingly frail.

Thankfully, Caitlin Stewart of Rancho Relaxo rescued himjust in time. She quickly and diligently nursed him back to health. And now, he is the spunkiest baby, full of love and light!

Rescue farms all over the world are now giving animals beautiful opportunities to turn their trauma into triumph.Second chances like these are beautiful opportunities to observe the glory of true resilience.

This heartwarming little goat is spreading pure joy wherever he wanders. Dean the goat shares his love with his whole farm family and community in the most delightful way:through sweet kisses.

Keep scrolling through our photo gallery to learn how Deans life completely transformed the minute he was rescued, and how he continues celebrating his survival day after day.

[H/T: The Dodo]



This is Dean the goat.

Recently, Dean was born to an older mother, too weak to fully care for her new kid.


Likely in an instinctual effort to give Dean his best shot at survival, his mother abandoned him directly after his birth.

Lucky for Dean, though, Caitlin Stewart, founder of Rancho Relaxo, quickly came to his aid.


Stewart writes on her Instagram: I drove to the farm where Dean was born and was led to a small, dark barn that was set away from the main barns. Silence. Not a noise.

“As I entered the barn, the farmer pointed down and to the right. There he was. A miniature thing locked in a rusty dog crate.


She continued describing their first meeting: He was not crying. He was simply curled up against the back panel of the cage staring.

Without hesitation, I leaned down, unlocked the door and scooped him up. I said nothing. I walked to my car, got in, started the engine and drove off with little Dean still tucked under my left arm.


During his first night on the ranch, Deanonly consumed about two ounces of formula. This left Stewart particularly worried.

However, despite his rocky start, day by day things slowly started looking up for Dean.


Justover one month later, Dean is now the spunkiest goat you ever did see!


Hes befriended countless animals and humans on the rescue farm, and has quickly learned who to cozy up to for the best treats.


What is Deans favorite pastime? He loves giving kisses, of course!


Dean spreads his newfound joy to countless folks on the farm, every day.

Whether he’s cozying up to his sister, Freya, or climbing all over his friends, this little goat has so much love to spread around.


With the odds stacked against him, Deanhas already shattered any and all expectations set before him.

No challenge is too small. Soon, he’ll be taking his beautiful displays of affection out on the road.


On April 30, Dean is slated to man his very own kissing booth at the Baltimore VegFest.


Until then, hes practicing his kisses on all his favoritefarm friends.


Stewart’s first interactions with little Dean brought her to tears.

But now? Each and every day they spend together is filled with more kisses and cuddling than shecould have ever anticipated.

Dean’s life certainly started off shaky, but he has since risen to every challenge he’s faced. He’s a true survivor.

What do you think of Dean’s story? Would you like to adopt a baby goat? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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Abandoned Baby Horse Cuddles Up To The People Who Saved Him

When Skye’s mother, Ruby, was pregnant with him, no one could tell because she was so emaciated.

The poor marewas rescued from a horse auction in Pennsylvania. Although she was just skin and bones, her beautiful, icy blue eyes caught the attention of her rescuer.

The woman who rescued Ruby brought her to Thornbury Farm Stables. Penny Parker, manager of the barn where Ruby was now living,slowly began to rehabilitate her.

This proved to be very difficult, however. Ruby had clearly been abused before she was rescued from the auction, and she didn’t trust anyone to come near her.

As time went on, Parker noticed Ruby’s belly began to swell. Assuming she had worms, she called the local vet. It turns out, Ruby was actually several months pregnant! On April 29th, a lanky little foal named Skye was born.

Everyone immediately fell in love with the adorable little horse, except for his mother. She wouldn’t allow him to nurse and even turned violent towards the day-old foal. Turner knew she had to take action or Skye wouldn’t survive.

Scroll down to find out what happened to the little horse, and let us know what you think of Skye in the comments below!

[H/T: The Dodo]


When Ruby first arrived to Thornbury Farm Stables in West Chester, Pennsylvania, no one knew she was pregnant.

As she began to gain some much needed weight, however, her belly began to swell and it became clear that a baby was on the way.

On April 29th, an adorable lanky foal was born. Penny Parker, barn manager at Thornbury Farm, named him Skye.

Everyone fell in love with him immediately, except for the newborn’s mother.

No one is quite sure what Ruby went through before she was rescued from the auction, but Parker believes her violent reaction to Skye is due to PTSD.

No matter how hard Parker tried, she couldn’t couldn’t get Ruby to allow her little foal to nurse.

Even after sedating the mama horse, she continued to kick and push her newborn away.

As the day drew to a close, the temperature began to drop. Parker and her boyfriend, Dave Manning, knew what they had to do.

The couple brought the lonely foal back to their home and tucked him into a mattress on the floor.

All night, the foal cuddled up to his loving humans. Every hour he would nudge Manning awake to feed from his bottle.

Although the couple kept the foal on a tight feeding schedule, he simply wasn’t getting the nutrients he would have otherwise gotten from nursing.

Skye needed a blood transfusion to raise his colostrum levels. It was then that Parker realized, Skye needed a mother to take care of him.

Lucy, a retired race horse, came to the rescue right in time.

Lucy already had experience acting as a surrogate for another foal that had been rejected by its mother.

She and Skye bonded almost immediately.

“By Monday morning, they were in love,” Parker told The Dodo. “She’s lying next to him, standing over him while he sleeps. They’re running around together, connected at the hip.”

Thanks to the endless love from his humans and his new, surrogate mama, Skye is sure to grow into a beautiful, strong horse.

If you’d like to keep up with Skye’s progress, visit the Thornbury Farm StablesFacebook page!

Let us know what you think of Skye’s incredible story in the comments, and don’t foret toSHARE with the horse lovers in your life!

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