When This Dog’s Owner Came To Get Him At The Vet, The Pup’s Reaction Is Too Funny

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our pets don’t enjoy trips to the vet.

They get painful shots, poked in weird places, and often have to spend long periods of time being watched over by unfamiliar people. We get it.

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But when this dog owner went to pick his pooch up from a vet visit, he was expecting to be greeted by an excited pup ready, willing, and eager to get the heck outta there. This is what he found instead:

“I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

On second thought, he may be a little miffed.

Not even the idea of dinner budged him from that carseat!

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It’s as if he’s saying, “I’ll be here while you go inside and really think about what you’ve done and how you can make it better.” I have a feeling more than a few trips to the park, bacon treats, and belly rubs are in his future.

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21 Pets Who Are So, So Terrible At Hide-And-Seek, But We Still Love Them

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As a kid, I remember rousing games of hide-and-seek. I thought I was so good. Turns out, every time I went to hide, I chose the same spot. Yeah, it’s safe to say that my parents and brothers caught on quickly and just humored me most of the time.

Our pets probably have the same thought about their “genius” hiding spots…

1. The effort is there.

2. Ah, the classic hiding-under-your-brother situation.

3. “Can you give me a shove?”

4. This just makes me curious how he got down there…and how big the rest of him is!

5. Imagine getting dressed in the morning and finding this…

6. If it weren’t for the location…and the tail, he’d be pretty darn good at this hiding thing.

7. Really, it’s the enthusiasm that gave him up.

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8. I mean…he tried?

9. Weak attempt, Donut. I’m disappointed.

10. Where in the WORLD did Ferdinand go?

11. Even ferrets want to get in on the action.

12. “I can’t see you so you can’t see me, right?”

13. All he needs is a throw pillow and he’d be set.

14. She left two tiny (but obvious) clues.

15. Rex is…special.

16. On second thought, maybe there’s a theme here.

17. She needs a partner in crime to zip her up.

18. I think Pasha may just be trying to hide from another bath.

19. Okay, this little oinker definitely got help building that pillow fort. Unfair advantage!

20. I don’t think she gets it, but I’m totally cool with that.

21. He’s just glad you found him so he can get more belly rubs.

Well, friends, we can’t all be as good as this cat. Good luck finding him.

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22 Super-Cute Animals With Exponentially Cuter Names

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Coming up with a name for your furry new friend is no easy task. Just like human babies, their name will influence how they make friends at the park, are introduced to new people, and overall…their personality.

Okay, well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but our fur babies are part of the family!

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Regardless of how much thought you did or didn’t put into your cutie’s name (I have a whole story for my Mila), these little ones have names that might just rival their ridiculously adorable looks.

1. “Cooper…Special Agent Dale Cooper.”

2. I think Dobby is definitely fitting here.

3. Everyone, say hello to Stache.

4. Thor rules with his mighty adorable eyes.

5. I could actually eat Mochi right up.

6. Okay, so Dracula isn’t your usual “cute,” but this guy is changing the rules.

7. “That’s MISTER Samuel L. Barkson to you, sir.”

8. A pug named Poncho? Stop it. Stop it right now.

9. I just fell in love with Daisy Mae. If you didn’t, you have no soul.

10. This regal boy took some hikers on a quest — they dubbed him Gandalf.

11. Yuki, you cutie.

12. Miso is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever laid eyes on.

13. “Hi! I’m Reese. Hi there. Hi!”

14. You wouldn’t guess it, but Gizmo is a girl.

15. Braille was born without eyes, but she’s the apple of ours.

16. Fudge is just as sweet as his namesake.

17. And Monroe? Well, she’s quite the flirt.

18. Barnaby has reached peak relaxation levels.

19. “I have a pot bellied pig named Bacon, so this is my new pug Eggs…” Appropriate.

20. My childhood dreams just came true…this is Dancer!

21. “Found this guy hiding in my wife’s car. We named him Dipstick.” I’m in love.

22. Rescue Helicopter was named by a three-year-old.

Man, I wish I had a cool name like Rescue Helicopter!

What did you name your fur baby? Share it with us in the comments!

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23 Guilty Pets Who Had Absolutely No Idea You’d Be Home So Soon…

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably wondered more than once what your furry ones do while you’re at work…

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Are they sleeping away the day, maybe they’re getting into the food, or tearing up your magazines? Short of installing a security camera, we’ll likely never know. That is unless you’re one of these lucky folks who came home and caught their pets knee-deep in destruction.

They just weren’t expecting their parents home so early…and the look of incredible and hilarious guilt on their faces is priceless!

1. “Dinner’s on me, Mom.”

2. “I wasn’t grabbing your wallet. I swear.”

3. He’s not even sorry!

4. Looks like someone’s hungry!

5. Are these guys not getting fed?

6. “Come on in…the water’s perfect!”

7. Oh, Denver!

8. “Ummmmm, it’s not what it looks like.”

9. She’s trying to tell you she needs to use the bathroom.

10. “Oh. You’re home.”

11. “It’s more comfortable this way!”

12. That looks cozy.

13. *Just act natural.*

14. He looks guilty…but the cat? Yeah, he looks dead.

15. You suuuuure you didn’t get into the lipstick?

16. No, see, it’s supposed to go on your lips…not your paws, silly!

17. “There’s definitely nothing dead buried here.”

18. “What? Stacey said she needs cupcakes for her bake sale!”

19. If you’re innocent, why are you hiding?

20. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

21. “You know how much I love sashimi, Mom!”

22. “I thought we could use a little green indoors!”

23. “Dad…DAD! Look what I did!”

In the end, though, it’s just so hard to stay mad at them!

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Dog Tells Over-Enthusiastic Puppy To Be Quiet In The Cutest Way

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Puppies are great. They are so outrageously cute and full of life…but sometimes, all that energy becomes a bit too much to handle. It’s at that moment you might be forgiven for thinking that the little puppy needs to be seen and not heard.

This older, no-nonsense dog is all of us when we just need a little peace and quiet.

The phrase, “Chill, dog” has never been so literal…or adorable.

“Will you be quiet?!”

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