Chloe the missing cat reunited with owner after six years

Tabby and white cat went missing in 2010 after jumping from a pet carrier when Rebecca Lee took her to a vet in Caerphilly

A missing cat has finally returned home six years after it vanished.

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Chloe, a tabby and white cat, went missing in 2010 after she jumped from a pet carrier when her owner Rebecca Lee was taking her to the vet in Caerphilly, south Wales.

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After living as a stray and being cared for by an elderly woman just over a mile away from her owners home, Chloe was eventually handed into Cats Protections adoption centre in Bridgend, where a routine scan of her microchip meant she could finally be reunited with her owner.

Lee, who thought Chloe had died in a road accident, said she was overjoyed to be able to have her back.

It was a real shock, but lovely news to hear that Chloe had been found and was alive and well after so many years, she said.

Chloe had jumped from the pet carrier in the car park and we never saw her again.

I put up posters and placed adverts and shortly after got a call to say a cat matching her description had been found dead by the roadside.

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I was devastated but came to terms with her death. Unbeknown to me at the time, it seems she had wandered as a stray before eventually finding an elderly lady who had taken her in.

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Molly Hughes, the deputy manager at the Bridgend adoption centre, said Chloe had been brought in by the family of the elderly woman, who had become too frail to care for her.

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We scanned Chloe, which is routine for all cats coming into our care, and our receptionist noticed she was registered to a different owner and address, she said.

We managed to get hold of Rebecca, Chloes original owner, who was shocked to hear from us that Chloe was in our care.

Chloe was nervous with us but she was very happy to see Rebecca and started rolling over and purring when she saw her.

Its great to have been able to reunite Chloe with her family, and it was touching to see them together.

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Chloes story goes to show why microchipping is so important and how effective it is. However, just as important as having your cat microchipped is keeping the details up to date.

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We often have microchipped cats come into our care and are sadly unable to reunite them with their owners because the contact details on the database are incorrect.

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Cat Stuns Everyone With Ballet Dance Moves

Cats are graceful creatures.

They’re able to jump incredible heights without making a sound, sneak noiselessly through the house, and squeeze into impossibly tiny spaces. They’re even rumored to have nine lives!

But did you know they can also be accomplished dancers?

That may be a bit of an exaggeration for most cats, except for one very talented Japanese kitty named Mirko. This hysterical cat is taking the internet by storm with his unbelievableability to defy gravity.

Every time Mirko pounces, he manages to strike a pose. Luckily for us, the silly cat’s owner began taking snapshots of thiscat’s ballet skills, and they are quite a sight.

Cats are known for their unusual behaviors, but this one really stands out among them with his poise and pliabilities.

Scroll down to see photos of the talented, seemingly weightless Mirko, and let usknow what you think of his ballet moves in the comments!


Mirko is a cat of many talents.

The funny feline hails from Japan and has some serious moves!

His owner must have noticed Mirko’s graceful abilities as his cat leapt and played in the living room one day.

There’s just something about the way this funny cat moves.

Each time Mirko goes to jump in the air, the graceful white cat looks as if he’s performing a ballet.

As he effortlessly twirls, leaps, and bends, you can’t help but think for a moment that this cat knows what he’s doing… He’s putting on a performance!

The cat moves as if he’s weightless!

Mirko is able to take his dance moves to much greater heights than any human ballet dancer ever could.

You may be wondering why this cat is putting on such an interesting performance?

The next photo might give you a clue.

Are all these dance moves just for this mysterious floating feather toy?

Or is he a classically trained cat that just loves to show off his ability to pirouette?

Either way, this graceful cat looks like he’s just going to keep on dancing!

Let us know what you think of Mirko’s moves in the comments, and don’t forget toSHARE with anyone who’s looking for a laugh!

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Her Students Gave Her Flowers, But When She Saw What Else They Had, She Lost It

As soon as these students learned that their teacher’s cat passed away, they sprang into action.

When the young ladies from Joshua High School found out that their math teacher, Mrs. Andrews, lost her best feline friend of 16 years, they pulled out all the stops to comfort the sweet woman in her time of need. They made her a batch of cupcakes, picked up some beautiful flowers, and surprised her right in the middle of class!

But they didn’t stop there. Wait until you see what else they did to make Mrs. Andrews smile (oh, and grab some tissues while you’re at it).

I may or may not be crying. Just saying. Young people get a bad rap, but these three students made it abundantly clear that kids these days still have so much heart.

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The Amazing Story Of Japan’s Feral Cats

Also known as Cat Island, Aoshima is a tiny piece of land along the southern regions of Japan. You may have heard of this place before, but in case you haven’t, this isn’t your typical island. As you may have guessed, this curious area is known for its cats – and there are a lot of them. It is estimated that the cats of this island outnumber the human inhabitants by a factor of 6 to 1. It sounds outrageous, but the residents are actually quite fond of the furry animals.

The island itself is roughly only a mile long, but there are over 120 cats occupying the land. They were originally introduced to the region as a method of controlling mice. The mice would spread disease through contaminating the food supply from fishermen’s boats, so naturally cats were seen as the best ongoing solution. This worked for a while, but after decades of being left unchecked, the cat population spun out of control. There have been efforts to normalize the population through spaying and neutering, but it has proven to be a very difficult and expensive process for a problem that the majority of residents don’t seem to mind.

Today, the island is home to only a handful of human residents – mainly pensioners. There are no roads, restaurants, or stores here, so all supplies must come from a 30-minute ferry ride from of the coast of Ehime prefecture. When food supplies were cut off due to bad weather conditions, the human residents started to worry for their own welfare and those of the felines.

The cats of the island are viewed as pets by many of the local residents, so it’s easy to see why they would be concerned for the animals when supplies were cut off.

When news broke that there wouldn’t be a supply ship coming for a while, one of the cat caretakers took to the Internet for help. Resources would eventually come, but their next shipment would surely not last if another storm were to come through. “However, it’s extremely windy in the winter, and boat service is often suspended,” stated the caretaker in a post on Twitter.

“Please send cat food to Aoshima. We are steadily running out of food,” Tweeted the caretaker.

“Please understand our current situation. There are no stores to buy food here on Aoshima. There aren’t any vending machines either. The people here acquire their necessities by taking a boat to the mainland,” the caretaker continued.

When the inclement weather had finally subsided a few days later, there was a surprise waiting at the docks for the residents.

Packages of cat food from all over the country were sent to the tiny island.

It was a lot to unload, and the cats were seen all over the docks patiently waiting for a fresh supply of food.

Though patience is a virtue, who could blame these little creatures for being a bit eager?

“Today, I am heading to Aoshima. Over 40 packages are to be delivered. Thank you so very much, everyone, for sending us supplies,” the caretaker said in a subsequent tweet.

A few days later, the island started to get overwhelmed by the amount of public support. “Please stop sending supplies (cat food) to Aoshima. We got far more than we ever expected. There’s no more storage room. We’ll be fine until April. Thank you all very much.”

Thanks to the generosity of people all over the country, the residents of this tiny island can now rest easy.

H/T: Bored Panda | Twitter

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Cat And Bearded Dragon Form An Unlikely Bond

When Cheyenne March brought her new bearded dragon home, she wasn’t sure how her cat would react.

Baby the cat is 4years old, and cats aren’t exactly known for welcoming new pets into their homes with open arms.

Charles the lizard was small enough that March was concerned her cat may gobblehim up. Surprisingly, Charleswalked right up to Baby looking for a cuddle. The curious cat nuzzled the scaly creature, and then something unbelievablehappened.

The bearded dragon and the furry feline became best friends!

Theincredibly unlikely duobegan to spend their days bird-watching, cuddling, and even going for walks together. March wasunderstandablyshocked by her pets’ newfound friendship, and started documenting it for the world to see.

Scroll through below to see howCharles and Baby spendtheir days together, and then watch the videoof this odd pair in action!

[H/T: Daily Mail]


When Cheyenne March brought her new bearded dragon, Charles, to her home in Johnstown, PA, she was a little worried.

Charles wassmall; small enough that hecould easily get eaten by March’s house cat, Baby.

Oddly enough, Charles didn’t seem worried at all about the 4-year-old feline.

In fact, Charles sauntered right over to the cat, hoping to steal some of her warmth.

Baby nuzzled the little bearded dragon and wrapped her arms around him.

From then on, they were thebest of friends.

“I thought that they could never be friends,” March explained to Daily Mail. “But remarkably they really seem to care for one another.”

The odd pairare often found around the house taking cat naps.

“Now they share a little cat hut while they have naps and I often find them cuddling on the sofa fast asleep,” March said.

The two also love hanging out by the sliding glass door, catching glimpses at wildlife outside.

“They go outside together for little strolls [and] watch birds together from the window,” March explained.

The hilarious animals even wait just to stare down the mailman.

I can’t imagine what he thought the first time he saw a cat and a bearded dragon looking his way!

Charles and Baby are rarely seen apart, with the exception of the time he spends under his heat lamp. He is cold-blooded, after all!

March absolutely adores her strange pets’ relationship, and clearly they adore one another!

Watch the video below to see this incredible duo in action, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Don’t forget toSHARE with anyone who loves stories about unique friendships!


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