Barn Cat Loves To Ride On Top Of Animals All Around This Farm

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Snowfall Ranch is a beautiful seven-acre farm located in Elizabeth, CO. As with many farms, Snowfall Ranch had a bit of a mouse problem. That’s when Teton was brought in.

Teton, the tabby cat, took his surveying role pretty seriously from the start. As a matter of fact, mice weren’t the only animals he kept in line. From a very young age, he rough-housed with animals many times his size.Fearlessly, Teton would play with the horses, ponies, donkeys, and goats.

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One day, Joanna and Scott Shaw, owners of Snowfall Ranch, noticed something a bit odd. Teton decided, instead of using his own four legs, he’d get a leg up on his other farm animal companions.

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Whether Teton wanted a better view to keep an eye on meddling mice, or he just wanted to catch a free ride, the other animals don’t seem to mind the little fur ball riding on their backs.

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Take a look at these hilarious photos Teton’s owners managed to snap of him surveying his kingdom, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about him in the comments!

[H/T: The Dodo]


Joanna Shaw

Teton was brought in to Snowfall Ranch to do what barn cats do best, wrangle mice. The fearless kitty took his job very seriously.

Joanna Shaw

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Even as a kitten, Teton would rough-house with the other animals on the farm. The horses, ponies, and goats towered over the little cat, but he had a solution for that.

Joanna Shaw

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He simply hopped up on his tall companions’ backs for a better view. Farm owners, Joanna and Scott Shaw, took notice and started snapping pictures of the hilarious sight.

Joanna Shaw

Does he have a favoriteanimal to use astransportation?

“We do see him on the miniature horses and donkey the most,” Joanna Shawexplained to The Dodo.

Joanna Shaw

The bold and brave kitty does have one fear: getting his paws wet. Luckily, he can turn to his large, furry pals for help.

Joanna Shaw explained that “he tends to ride them more in the snow.”

Joanna Shaw

Teton is the undisputed ruler of his kingdom. Andas long as he has a willing back to hop on, his reign will continue.

If you’d like to learn more about Teton’s farm, Snowfall Ranch, visit their website.

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Has your cat ever tried something like this? Let us know what you think about this brave kitty, and don’t forget toSHARE with anyone who could use a good laugh!

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High School Senior Takes Adorable Family Cat To Prom

Prom is certainly one of the more anxiety-producing events of anyhigh school experience.

When Sam Steingard, a high school senior, couldn’t find a classmate with whom to attendhis seniorprom, he askedan unlikely companion to be his date: his family cat, Ruby.

Ruby, one of Sam’s biggest fans, was into the idea. Dolled up in her gorgeous pink ensemble, Ruby played the part of gorgeous prom date well.

No stranger to the camera’s lens, she graciously posed for pre-prom portraits, gazing up at her date with the dreamiest stare.

Sam’s older sister, Caroline, promptly shared this cute couple’s photo online. In just fourdays, over 160,000 people viewed the photo, prompting all sorts of different responses.

Most were shocked that Caroline’sadorable brother couldn’t seem to find a human date for the prom.

This story is yet another prime example of how, when things aren’t necessarily going our way,pets can certainlybe a steady source oflove and light inour lives.

Scroll through below for a look atthis adorable cat and teen duo!

[H/T: Daily Mail]


When Sam Steingard couldn’t find a prom date, he didn’t wallow in self-pity.

Instead, he decided to make light of the situation, and bring his family cat, Ruby, as his date.


Samand Ruby have been longtime buds.

They often pose for adorable photos together, shot by their photographer father, Bryan Steingard ofBryan Steingard Photography.


All dressed up in her precious pink dress, this lovely lady stared up at her favorite brother with nothing short of total admiration.


Whether these two are dressed to the nines, or lounging at home taking selfies, they’re always an adorable pair.


When Sam’s sister, Caroline, posted the photo of these two prom dates online, it quickly accrued over 160,000 views.

Folks left all sorts of comments, many wondering how this cute teen couldn’t find himself another classmate to take to the dance.


While we may never know why none of Sam’s classmates accepted his promposal, we’re sure he had the most adorable date of them all.


When Samneeded her most, this sweet cat was there for her brother, ready to lift his spirits and save the day.

Even thoughthis teen couldn’t find a prom date at school, he didn’t have to look very far for a backup.

His adorable family cat, Ruby, made a perfect companion.

What do you think of this prom pair? Whom did you take to prom? Tell us your favorite prom story in the comments below.

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Floki The Cat Meets Her Puppy Siblings For The Very First Time

Whoever came up with the idea that cats and dogs are sworn enemies probably never owned a cat or a dog. Sure, dogs can be a little energetic and cats can be somewhat easily annoyed, but isn’t that true of most human beings? With the right forgiving feline and polite pooch, cats and dogs can be a match made in furry heaven for each other and their humans who get to bask in the ensuing adorableness!

In the Atkinson family,Floki the cat thought she was the head honcho of the house. It was just her territory until her humans brought home a precious pair of puppies to join the family. The put the babies on the couch to get comfy while Floki scouts out the competition. At first, she’s rightfully a little nervous. Who are these creatures? Why are they so little andrambunctious? And when do I get to paw at their flappy tails?

The next thing you know, that fear turns into fun as she’s playing, pawing, and perhaps even petting (at 4:22) her new puppy sibling. She might not get all the attention anymore, but she knows when to take care of little ones, and it’s time to be responsible and care for another family member. They may not share much DNA, but they can share a happy home, and that means they’re family for life.


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Kevin The Cat Looks Perpetually Surprised

Kevin the cat has an odd look about him. The funny-looking Russian Blue always seems to have a surprised look on his face. The reason for it is pretty interesting.

The cute kitty was found by a veterinary nurse named Tailah at just 4weeks old in a car park. After he was assessed by a veterinarian, his outlook seemed bleak. He was diagnosed with a serious condition called hydrocephalus. Basically, Kevin had fluid in his brain and it would likely impact his sight, hearing, and brain function.

The vets estimated that he would likely experience seizures and probably wouldn’t live to be 6months old.

Despite these odds, Tailah decided to keep Kevin and make sure that whatever time he had left would be filled with love and happiness.

Kevin is 4years old now and, although the cat has a funnylook and goofy mannerisms, his condition has yet to slow him down. LittleThings spoke with Tailah about her sweet cat to learn more about his condition and how he’s doing now.

Scroll down to see photos of this adorable cat, and let us know what you think of him in the comments!

[H/T: LoveMeow]


This tiny ball of fur is Kevin. He was brought into a veterinary clinic after a nice lady discovered the lone kitten.

“Kevin was surrendered to my clinic when he was a tiny 4-week-old kitten after he was found alone,” Tailah told LittleThings. “He stole my heart straight away.”

Just looking at Kevin, you could tell something was a little bit off.

“It was obvious straight away that Kevin had medical concerns, so he had a full physical assessment,” Tailah explained.

After the vet checked Kevin over, Tailah was given some troubling news. The adorable kitten had a condition that would likely shorten his life span significantly.

Undeterred, Tailah decided to take advantage of whatever time Kevin had left to give him the good life he deserved. Months passed by, then years.

“As a kitten, he would peck at his food, and we originally thought he was only able to see shadows,” Tailah told LittleThings.

“As he grew a little older, we realized he is able to see a little more, but his reflexes, distance, and balance are still affected.”

Now, Kevin is 4years old, and his owner says he’s doing great! His condition, which affects hearing, eyesight, and brain function, doesn’t seem to be slowing him down at all.

“He is the happiest little cat,” said Tailah.

Kevin is as playful and silly as any other kitten. One of the only ways you could ever tell he was a little bit different is the perpetually surprised and goofy look on his face!

This special cat loves cuddling up to his owner and adventuring out to his “man cave.” Kevin has his own personal balcony that’s enclosed and fit with a cat door. It’s covered in cat grass and plenty of kitty toys.

“He is full of surprises and makes us laugh every day!” Tailah told LittleThings. “He is so happy and content with life.”

Although Kevin wasn’t supposed to live past six months, his four years of life have been full of happiness and love so far. We hope he has many more happy years to come!

If you’d like to see more adorable photos of Kevin, check out his Instagram!

Let us know what you think of this cat’s funny look in the comments, and don’t forget toSHARE with anyone you know whohas ever taken in a special-needs animal!

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Canadian Airline Goes Above And Beyond For Pets Affected By Wildfires

Recently, wildfires broke out across Fort McMurray, requiring over 80,000 residents to evacuate.

In response, Canadian North, a Calgary airline, immediately stepped up to lend a helping hand. They sentevacuation plane after evacuation plane to shuttle folks to safety.

However, humans weren’t the only creatures endangered by these fires. Their pets also required evacuation, most of whom were typically not permittedto fly on planes.

Thankfully, Canadian North quickly deemed this worry a non-issue. They lifted theirnormal pet travel restrictions and allowed these furry companionsto travel with their owners in the planes’ main cabins.

But Canadian North’s accommodations weren’tfinished yet.

When one pregnant, displaced passenger began going into labor, the Canadian North team offered to cat-sit her precious Meow Meowduring the delivery.

Meow Meow quickly became one of the airline office’s most talked about employees!

Keep scrolling through to see all the ways this airline went above and beyond to keep theseevacuees out of harm’s way.

[H/T: Mashable]



When Northern Alberta blazed with wildfires recently, over 80,000 residents found themselves in need of immediate evacuation.

Thankfully, Canadian North, a Calgary airline, stepped up to the challenge.

They shuttled planes upon planes full of passengers to safety, even allowing these evacuees to bring their beloved pets onboard the main cabins for the ride.


Thanks to Canadian North’s actions, these furry companions were able to escape the wildfires with their parents.


As one Canadian North spokesperson told The Huffington Post Canada, “It’s definitely unusual to carry pets in the cabin, but due to the unusual circumstances we were able to bend the rules to accommodate these animals.”


Most of these animals had never traveled through the air before.

The entire situation was new and exciting.

There was no telling what circumstances these folks were leaving behind, as fires raged all around their properties.

Thus, the opportunity to shuttle boththe people and pets they loved out of immediatedanger was an absolute gift.


This airline’s compassion, though, transcended merely shuttling passengers out of harm’s way.

When Krystal Scott, apregnantevacuee, went into labor during the flight, airline personnel volunteered to cat-sit her precious kitty, Meow Meow, while she headed off to the hospital.

Meow Meow the cat officially became Canadian North’s first feline employee.

Airline stafferseven went ahead and crafted her own ID badge to make the gig official.


Everyone in the office played a part in keepingMeow Meow’s spirits up while her mom wasinthe hospital.


She wandered the halls, exploring every inch of the office.


Even adorable kitty employees deserve a break from the office action every once in a while.


Thanks to this airline’s rapid response and commitment to their passengers safety, regardless of species, these folks were all able to escape immediate danger, unharmed.

What do you think of this rescue? Have you ever been evacuated due to an impending natural disaster? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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