Tiny Baby Shares A Special Connection With His Four Adorable Bunnies

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We might not remember the things we did as babies, but it’s no surprise that babies, despite their very short experience in life arethe people probably most willing and capable of making instant friends.

That’s certainly the case with baby Finn, aged 10 weeks. Despite being less than half a year old, he’s already made fast friends with his family’s four pet rabbits, Opal, Lucy, Leo, and Tulip.

The gentle, fluffy creatures took an immediate liking to Finn, and he to them. And they’ve been inseparable and adorable ever since.

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And luckily for us, Finn’s mom, Lindsay Bonnice, who officially adopted him at two days old, is a professional photographer, so we get to take a peek at their adorable adventures.

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And it turns out that being adorable and loving animals is a common trait in the Bonnice family. Not too long ago, the world fell in love with Finn’s older sister, Libby, who formed a beautiful friendship with her pig friend, Pearl.

Check out baby Finn and his rabbit friends below, and your day will get so much brighter!

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Meet Finn. At only 10 weeks old, he’s already made close and cuddly friends with his family’s four rabbits, Opal, Lucy, Leo, and Tulip.

And they love him just as much.

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The bunnies live with Finn, his sister, Libby, brother Noah, photographer mom Lindsay Bonnice, and dad, as well as a number of other adorable, fuzzy friends including chickens, cats, dogs, and goats!

Seriously, this is the cutest family ever.

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And if Libby and Pearl sound familiar, it’s because their friendship, which looks like something right out of a storybook, took the internet by storm not long ago.

Bonnice adopted Finn when he was just two days old, and Libby was more than ready to launch into big sister mode.

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And of course, the bunnies were happy to step in, too. According to Bonnice, Finn was instantly curious about them, and loved watching them hop around.

“They are always very curious of him,” Bonnice adds. “It’s so sweet how they are drawn to him.”

Apparently a deep, instinctual love of animals is something that runs in this family!

Besides managing her adorable menagerie, Bonnice also works as a children’s and family photographer.

Her gorgeous, pastel-hued shots celebrate the beauty of her children and their animal friends.

And Finn? He’s definitely enjoying all this love.

And the bunnies do love him! They can often be found snuggled up with Finn at nap time.

And naturally they find time to celebrate.

But nap time usually wins out!

It’s really amazing when you consider how young he is that Finn is able to connect with these animals.

But then, bunnies are sensitive and gentle, so maybe it’s a natural match!

And of course, the other animals love him, too. This piggy is Ruby, Pearl’s fashionably spotted sister!

You can see much more of this sweet family’s adventures on Bonnice’s website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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This Little Girl Cant Go To Bed Without Reading Her Puppy A Bedtime Story

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There’s no companion more perfect for a child than a sweet, loving dog. While being a kid can be one of the most magical times in life, it can also be very lonely. Making friends at school can be hard, and learning about the world can be scary.

But what makes it all a bit better is having someone there to depend on for a little affection at the end of the day. Anyone who was raised with a furry friend will tell you that dogs are just as much a part of the family as any sibling.

Take a look at the precious friendship this baby girl and her dog are already developing. After cuddling up with her own mother for a bedtime story, she figured her little puppy should get some bedtime affection as well. So, like her mommy, she pulled out a book and put her arms around her pup, giving him a few forehead kisses as they get ready for bed.

Sure, she may not quite know how to read yet, but hey, it’s the thought that counts! She just wants to take care of the little pooch the way her mommy cares of her, and that’s just about the sweetest thing ever. But it looks like her own story time actually put her to sleep. She’ll get the hang of it eventually.


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Abandoned Baby Horse Cuddles Up To The People Who Saved Him

When Skye’s mother, Ruby, was pregnant with him, no one could tell because she was so emaciated.

The poor marewas rescued from a horse auction in Pennsylvania. Although she was just skin and bones, her beautiful, icy blue eyes caught the attention of her rescuer.

The woman who rescued Ruby brought her to Thornbury Farm Stables. Penny Parker, manager of the barn where Ruby was now living,slowly began to rehabilitate her.

This proved to be very difficult, however. Ruby had clearly been abused before she was rescued from the auction, and she didn’t trust anyone to come near her.

As time went on, Parker noticed Ruby’s belly began to swell. Assuming she had worms, she called the local vet. It turns out, Ruby was actually several months pregnant! On April 29th, a lanky little foal named Skye was born.

Everyone immediately fell in love with the adorable little horse, except for his mother. She wouldn’t allow him to nurse and even turned violent towards the day-old foal. Turner knew she had to take action or Skye wouldn’t survive.

Scroll down to find out what happened to the little horse, and let us know what you think of Skye in the comments below!

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When Ruby first arrived to Thornbury Farm Stables in West Chester, Pennsylvania, no one knew she was pregnant.

As she began to gain some much needed weight, however, her belly began to swell and it became clear that a baby was on the way.

On April 29th, an adorable lanky foal was born. Penny Parker, barn manager at Thornbury Farm, named him Skye.

Everyone fell in love with him immediately, except for the newborn’s mother.

No one is quite sure what Ruby went through before she was rescued from the auction, but Parker believes her violent reaction to Skye is due to PTSD.

No matter how hard Parker tried, she couldn’t couldn’t get Ruby to allow her little foal to nurse.

Even after sedating the mama horse, she continued to kick and push her newborn away.

As the day drew to a close, the temperature began to drop. Parker and her boyfriend, Dave Manning, knew what they had to do.

The couple brought the lonely foal back to their home and tucked him into a mattress on the floor.

All night, the foal cuddled up to his loving humans. Every hour he would nudge Manning awake to feed from his bottle.

Although the couple kept the foal on a tight feeding schedule, he simply wasn’t getting the nutrients he would have otherwise gotten from nursing.

Skye needed a blood transfusion to raise his colostrum levels. It was then that Parker realized, Skye needed a mother to take care of him.

Lucy, a retired race horse, came to the rescue right in time.

Lucy already had experience acting as a surrogate for another foal that had been rejected by its mother.

She and Skye bonded almost immediately.

“By Monday morning, they were in love,” Parker told The Dodo. “She’s lying next to him, standing over him while he sleeps. They’re running around together, connected at the hip.”

Thanks to the endless love from his humans and his new, surrogate mama, Skye is sure to grow into a beautiful, strong horse.

If you’d like to keep up with Skye’s progress, visit the Thornbury Farm StablesFacebook page!

Let us know what you think of Skye’s incredible story in the comments, and don’t foret toSHARE with the horse lovers in your life!

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Adorable Baby Finally Gets To Meet His Big Brother In The Cutest Video Ever


When the Moore family celebrated the birth of their new and adorable baby, they thought it would be the responsible thing to do to keep the dog and newborn separated for the first few months.
So when it came time to introduce their tiny baby boy to the family beagle, they realized that this was going to be a pretty big moment, so they decided to film it! Thank goodness they did, because what they captured was one of the most adorable introductions you could ever hope for!
The beagle instantly walks up to the tiny baby, and it seems like he immediately realizes how important this little puppy-like thing is to mom and dad. To show how much he loves the newest addition to the pack, he rolls over and shows his belly for some petting!
While it’s good that the parents were worried enough to hold off on the meeting, it turns out that their concerns were way off. Because it seems like these two babies are going to be best friends forever!
The baby touches the big beagles head, and he even starts giving some kisses. The dog is already in love and totally enamored with the little baby, and before you know it everyone is giving everyone a big sloppy kiss!
Please watch the adorable video below if you love the bond that puppies have with small children.
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Adorable Little Boy Plays With His Four Younger Puppy Siblings In The Cutest Video Ever

The relationship and bond between babies and humans is something special that not everyone can really explain. Maybe it’s their playful nature, or maybe it’s just as simple as the way babies smell, but something about these two very different species makes them absolutely perfect for each other in every single way!

Lynne Flynn found that out in the cutest of ways when she was with four adorable baby pugs. Once the puppies were old enough to walk and run on their own, she began to notice something rather odd. Everywhere her adorable baby boy went, the pugs seemed to follow.

She began uploading her little videos on Instagram, and since then her whole family has gone viral for the cutest reason imaginable! When you watch the little boy crawl, it’s like seeing a great politician leading his followers on a march! These little puppies are absolutely in love with their human, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Please watch the adorable video below if you love babiesandpuppies!


When Mom saw that her little pug puppies were finally ready to run around and play, she began to notice something rather odd about their relationship with her adorable son.

It seemed that all of the puppies would follow him no matter what he did. They would always be on his every move and over time they began to view him as the top dog and pack leader!

While this little boy is certainly young, we’re so interested in seeing what kind of effect this has on his confidence once he grows up and gets older. Having a position of such leadership before he could even walk will certainly make him turn into someone who is used to power and knows how to wield it.

He might even become president one day!

Watching these siblings bonding is truly beautiful in every single way. It seems like this family is going to stay together for quite some time.

And something tells us that this darling little boy is going to have fourveryclose friends as he grows up!

Please watch the incredibly adorable video:



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