Angus The Dog Travels Hundreds Of Miles To Reach His Forever Home

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In the town of Constanta, Romania, there is a desperately crowded facility holding an amount of dogs that is far beyond its capacity.

This “shelter” for dogs is a miserable place where dogs often fight, go hungry, and their wounds go untreated. This is where Angus began his life.

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The small white Westie dog was lumped into a group of 150 other dogs that were going to be put down over a period of three days. The mass euthanasia was meant to free up space in the overrun shelter, and this seemed to be the most humane way to do it.

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Anne-Marie Dimi Marcu, a vocal animal activist and rescuer in Romania, disagreed. She convinced the town’s mayor to allow her some time to find homes for the desperate animals. Marcu went above and beyond for these animals, and her dedication paid off.

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Angus was one of the lucky dogs that was saved from the hellish shelter that day, but this was just the beginning of a very long adventure for the little pup.

Scroll down to find out what happened to Angus, and let us know what you think of his incredible journey in the comments!

[H/T: The Dodo]


Angus, a small Westie pup, began his life in an overcrowded shelter in Romania.

There, he was attacked by other dogs. His fur was matted and blue from the antiseptic that wasput on his wounds.

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Incredibly, Angus was saved by Anne-Marie Dimi Marcu, a local animal activist. She worked tirelessly to ensure as many dogs as possible could be saved from the shelter.

Angus, along with 15 other adult dogs and 11 puppies, wasrescued.

Marcu along with Madalina Cristea, another rescuer, were able to get in touch with Carol Richies, the founder of Westies Rescued UK.

Through this group, they hoped they could connect Angus with a family that would show him the love and compassion he deserved.

Angus was then put into a little crate and sent hundreds of miles away from his horrid beginnings to a hopeful new start in Scotland.

Amanda Hill had seen Angus’ rough beginnings online and agreed to open up her home to him.

“He felt amazing to hold,” Hill told the Dodo.

“He was so soft and gentle, considering the life he must have had.”

The struggle wasn’t quite over yet for the little Westie dog.

While living in the shelter in Romania, Angus developed an infection in his eye. The vet warned Hill that an unstable ulcer in his eye may rupture.

“I went to give Angus my usual good morning kiss and cuddle,” Hill explained.

“He was unusually quiet. When I felt his face, it was wet down one side. I realized the ulcer had burst.”

Angus had emergency surgery to remove his eye.

Despite this new struggle, however, the resilient dog pulled through.

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Angus has certainly been through a lot in the past few years, but he’s in loving hands now, and he’ll spend the rest of the life in the care of his forever family.

You can keep up to date with Angus and his progress on his Instagram!

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Let us know what you think of Angus’ amazing journey all the way from Romania to Scotland in the comments below, and don’t forget toSHAREwith anyone who’s ever gone out of their way to rescue an animal in need!

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One-Week-Old Rescue Foal Loves Snuggling Her Teddy Bear

Recently, a one-week-old foal found herself out on the range,without her family, weak and wounded.

Thankfully, she wasn’t alone for long.

Rescuers found this young filly, whom they named Charli Promise, wandering around Warm Springs Indian Reservation, and immediately called 3 Sisters Equine Refuge to help nurse her back to health.

By pooling multiple different resources, little Charli Promise has been able to slowly find her way onto a path toward wellness.

To boost her chances of making a full recovery, Charli Promise was recently gifted the most adorable present a giant, cuddly stuffed animal to keep her warm at night.

Without a mother to comfort her during this trying time, this stuffed animal has afforded little Charli Promise heartwarming solace.

Between this gift, her diligent caretaking team, and her own inner fire, the chances are quite high that this little horsewill make a full recovery.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to learn more about little Charli Promise’s road to recovery, and then watch the video to see this adorable baby in action!

[H/T: The Dodo]



Recently, rescuers foundthisorphaned, one-week-old foal wandering the range ofWarm Springs Indian Reservation.

She was weak, hurt, and totally alone.

Rescuers scrambled into action, pooling every resource they could think of to help aid this precious creature.


Eventually, rescuers connected with 3 Sisters Equine Refuge, who, in conjunction withWags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation,mustered up funds to get this foalthe emergency veterinary care she needed.

They rushed her to Bend Equine Medical Center, where vets worked quickly to tend to her wounds and pneumonia, and distribute appropriate medications.

Once she was stabilized, they settled on a name: Charli Promise.


In a press release distributed by 3 Sisters Equine Refuge alerting the public of Charli Promise’s struggles,Dr. Shannon Findley, a veterinarian with Bend Equine Medical Center shared,Little Promise came to Bend Equine in really rough shape.

“She was so thin and weak, had numerous wounds as well as pneumonia. It became immediately apparent that she had a fighting spirit and the tiny little foal stole the hearts of all the hospital staff with her bigger-than-life personality.

“She had a setback during her hospitalization that required intensive care. Her prognosis is good so long as she continues to get the supportive care she needs.”


“The Three Sisters Equine Refuge and the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation have done a tremendous thing by taking on this special little girl and giving her a chance.”

At this point, Charli Promise is still receiving 24-hour monitoring, during which time her caretakers distribute her medications and supplements.

They are alsofeeding her every four hours.


Rescuers don’t have clear answers as to how this little foal ended up in the situation she did, but they’re doing everything they can to ensure she survives and thrives.

Many well-wishershave started following along with little Charli Promise’s recovery.

In fact, she was recently gifted an adorable cuddly presentto keep her company.

Charli Promise now has a huge teddy bear to curl up with while she focuses on her recovery.


This amazing teddy bear already seems to be working wonders for little Charli Promise’s demeanor.

3 Sisters Equine Refuge shared an update on Charli Promise’s progress on Facebook, saying, “What a difference 48 hours can make! This little baby is one tough fighter…

“She was so bright this afternoon and bored, so we walked to the paddock.

“She’s still on meds and four hour feedings around the clock, but gaining weight and getting stronger by the hour!”

As 3 Sisters Equine Refuge’s press release explains, “It has been said it takes a village to raise children; well in this case, it took a village to save an orphaned foal.”

Lucky for Charli Promise that village only seems to be growing in numbers.


While this adorable newborn foal regains her strength, she certainly has a strong support team of rescuers, virtual supporters, and stuffed animal friends surrounding her with love.

Check outthe video below to see this adorable baby playing in her pen!

If you’d like to help Charli Promise in her recovery, check out 3 Sisters Equine Refuge’s Facebook pagehere.


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Police Give Stray Dog A Beautiful New Life

Seeing a stray dog in Puerto Rico is not uncommon. With limited spay and neuter practices, many unwanted litters of puppies roam the streets.

Gorgi was one of the many strays; however, he was a little bit different.

Gorgi decided to walk right up to a police station in Bayamn one day in search of food and water. The officers were surprised to see how friendly and affectionate the dog was, despite having clear signs of past abuse.

To the officers’ surprise, Gorgi was back the next day. Instead of turning the stray away, the officers decided to pull their money together to get him into the vet for a much-needed checkup.

This isn’t the only thing the incredible police officers did for the stray dog, however. They decided to go above and beyond to do something incredible for their furry friend.

Scroll down to find out what the officers did for Gorgi, and let us know what you think about this heartwarming story in the comments!

[H/T: The Dodo]


Gorgi was a stray, wandering the streets of Puerto Rico.

Running into a stray dog isn’t an uncommon occurrence due to the lack of awareness about spaying and neutering.

One day, Gorgi wandered up to a few policemen at a command center inBayamn in search of food and water.

To the policemen’s surprise, Gorgi was extremely friendly and affectionate.

He spent some time bonding with the officers and had a nice meal.

Eventually, he wandered off.

“He was in poor condition, malnourished, and with apparent signs of abuse,” Sgt. Tony Montesinos told the Dodo.

Despite Gorgi’s past, he obviously liked his new friends at the station and came back the next day. The officersdecided to clean the stray up and pull their money together to send him to the vet.

The dog and his new friends developed an incredible bond over the course of a few days.

Gorgi was clearly comfortable here with his new human friends.

The friendly officers decided to give Gorgi a gift he truly deserved: a home at the station.

They even gave him the title of honorary surveillance dog.

Gorgi isn’t the only one who has benefited from this new arrangement.

The officers say the dog’s presenceis a much-needed comfort in an otherwise strenuous day.

Gorgi was even recently included in a study that determined whether having an office dog really does reduce stress at work.

Obviously, his police pals think so!

“Everyone loves him,” Montesinos said. “He will have everything he needs for as long as he lives.”

Gorgi is one lucky surveillance pup!

Let us know what you think of this former stray’s heartwarmingstory in the comments, and don’t forget toSHARE with anyone you know who’s ever taken in a stray!

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You’ll Be Totally Inspired By The Life Of This Amazing, Four-Legged Ambassador

This is Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll and he is, in fact, the cutest.

This is not up for debate.

Although it seems like being adorable is his full-time job, Pikelet has far more pressing responsibilities to deal with than wooing the masses.

That’s because this do-gooder is an ambassador for rescue dogs from around the world! Before the big softie was adopted on July 4, 2013, the only thing he knew was the pain of abandonment. Thankfully, the folks over at Big Dog Rescue in New South Wales, Australia, saved him.

After about a month in foster care, his new family couldn’t bear to part with the dog they’d come to love, so they officially adopted him! That’s how this pup went from unwanted stray to beloved ambassador.

Aside from being totally stylish, the four-legged Good Samaritan loves helping out his buddies who are less fortunate — particularly those who get a bad rap just for being bull breeds!

Nothing makes him smile quite like spreading the message he cares about. According to his humans, Pikelet’s motto is simple: “In a perfect world, every dog would have a home, and every home would have a dog.”

Mom says this is his “resting beach face.” I like her style.

Oh, and did I mention that he has an adorable little brother named Patty Cakes Huckleberry Stoll? Because he does. As you can imagine, they get into trouble every now and then.

“Hey, Mom. Nothing to see here. I don’t know who did this. Not us. Nope.”

After all, being an ambassador-in-training is a lot of work! Let’s talk about that little guy down in the corner, because I want your head to explode from sheer cuteness and I will succeed.

His name is Potato, which makes me feel like I missed an opportunity when I was thinking of a name for my dog.

With a little help from his brothers, this nugget is learning about what it takes to represent dogs that need help getting adopted by great families.

He’s a foster pup now, but nobody would blame them for making him a permanent fixture. Just look at that face! But if he gets adopted, I’m sure his new fam will know how lucky they are to bask in the glory of his preciousness every day.

They look like tough guys, but the only thing that really gets them riled up is seeing dogs being treated badly.

Don’t sleep on the little guy. I bet he’s scrappy.

Pikelet and his buddies have helped so many dogs escape lives full of pain and abuse.

By showing people the true colors of dogs that they’ve been conditioned to fear, these canine ambassadors succeed in battling stereotypes that keep kind, lovable animals from finding the forever homes they deserve.

To learn more about Pikelet’s story and to keep up with the gang’s adorable antics, be sure to follow them on Facebook!

Oh, and don’t even bother trying not to squeal. Resistance is futile. (Images via IMP Features)

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Animal Rescuer Nurses Two Dying Foxes Back To Life

Recently, a few factory workers in Oldham, England, discovered an adorable fox lying outside, barely moving.

When every revival tactic they tried failed, the workers called Paul McDonald, otherwise known on Facebook as the Fox Man.

Anyone else would have likely given up on this precious, struggling creature, hanging on to life by the meekest of threads. However, McDonald was not just anyone. This fox rescue specialist with Freshfields Animal Rescuerushed her to his trusted veterinarian.

After receiving a dose of antibiotics, thisfox, now named Red, miraculously started showing signs that she mightheal with time. She would need socialization to really pull through.

Miraculously enough, a second abandoned fox, right around little Reds age, soon arrived at the rescue.

McDonald told LittleThings, It was a matter of luck having two cubs of the same age and size arriving around the same time.

These two adorable foxes started socializing with each other, preparing together to venture back into the wild.

Scroll through below to see how this generous fox rescuer is diligently nursing these abandoned foxes back into good health.

[H/T: The Dodo]



Recently, a group of factory workers found a little fox lying on the ground, barely showing any signs on life.

The factory workers tried everything they could think of to revive this poorcreature.

They even tempted her with food, hoping the smells would rouse her.

However, their attemptsproved unsuccessful.

In one last effort, they decided to call in Paul McDonald, known on Facebook as the Fox Man.


McDonald, a fox specialist with Liverpools Freshfields Animal Rescue, brought this little fox, who has since been named Red, to his trusted veterinarian at Parker Crowther Vets.

While little Reds heartbeat and breathing seemed normal, she was quite dehydrated, requiring an antibiotic IV drip.

After a few nights with the vet, McDonald eventually brought Red back to Freshfields Animal Rescue.

He continued feeding her via syringe, hoping shed soon be strong enough to stand on her own two feet.


Miraculously, though, it was not long before McDonalds wish came true.

McDonald told the Dodo:One night when I went into the unit to feed her, Red stood up on her own, which I admit brought a tear to my eye.

To see this poor animal, who I was convinced was not going to survive, show a miraculous turnaround changed my outlook on rescues of this nature, which normally end in tears of a different kind.”


While Red was showing signs of improvement, she was not completely out of the woods yet.

Thankfully, another little miracle was just around the corner.

Another abandoned fox cub soon arrived at Freshfields Animal Rescue.

Rescuers found little Bruno abandoned in a shed in Wirral.


Brunos arrival was completely fortuitous.

McDonald told the Dodo:Fox cubs are very sociable animals and it’s important that captive ones are not kept alone, as they can either become tame or get lonely from having no company.

So, it was a great relief to be able to give Red a friend in the form of Bruno.”


While Bruno has still been quite timidly sticking to his bed, Red has started exploring her surroundings a bit.

Both foxes are starting to show signs that theyre uncomfortable by McDonalds presence, though, indicating that hell soon need to reintroduce them back into the wild.


Until they are each strong enough for re-release, McDonald is doing all he can to prepare these little foxes for their next adventure.

He told LittleThings:Red and Bruno will ideally be mixed with other orphan cubs around their age before they are then put into a release pen for six weeks.

Then theyll be released back into the wild when they are old enough to fend for themselves.

Over the next few days, I am going to be visiting potential release sites to determine suitability and find the best one that I think will enhance their chance of survival once they need to find their own way in life.


He continued to LittleThings:“It’s been a real learning experience dealing with Red and Bruno, as this is the first time since starting the unit up in December 2013, I’ve had two orphaned cubs in at one time that I’ve mixed together.

Normally, I have taken them to other rescues, so they are not kept alone. They can become lonely quite quickly.

The process of mixing them, making sure they get along and won’t fight and injure each other, will aid me in future scenarios where I have to mix orphaned cubs from different families.


Along this journey, McDonalds learned many lessons.

He told LittleThings:“Ihave learned from Bruno, in particular, to be thorough and check over the whole body of the cubs that come in to the unit as I initially missed an abscess he was suffering from.

Its easy to miss things like this by adopting a ‘hands off’ approach when you assume the animal is perfectly healthy and the only issue is the fact it’s been orphaned.

In the long run, however, it’s clearly in the animals best interest to undergo a bit of stress initially, to ensure all of their needs are catered for.


Recounting to LittleThings why he initially became a fox rescuer, McDonald explained: Ive witnessed the cruelty of fox hunting firsthand, even since the ‘ban.’

“My sympathy and passion for these animals, forced to endure so much cruelty at the hands of their demonizers has only increased.

This is what has led me to be where I am today.


With such a passionate advocate on their side, Red and Bruno are happily healing together.

Check out the video below to see adorable baby Red enjoying some water.

Thanks to McDonalds diligent efforts, these two ailing foxes are now well on their way to living healthy lives in the wild.

What do you think of these foxes stories? Have you ever helped a rescue animal? Let us knowin the comments.

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