Disabled Baby Chick Gets A Second Chance At Life

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Peeps is a very speciallittle chick. Her life began in a classroom as part of an egg-hatching project at Mary Kay McMillinSchool in New Jersey.

The children were devastated to learn that their new fuzzy friend would be leaving them, so their teachers reached out to Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary to see if there was anything they could do fornewly hatched chicks. Luckily, they were willing to take two of the chicks back to theirfarm, which is home to more than 120 turkeys, chickens, and pigs.

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Peeps was very fortunate to have been picked up by the team at Tamerlaine Farm, because she was born with a slipped tendon and most likely would have been put down by anyone else immediately.The amazing folks at the animal sanctuary had another idea in mind:instead of allowing Peeps to die, the staff began to research ways to save the helpless bird.

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The solution the team came up with is incredible, and a little unbelievable! Let us know what you think of Peeps and her story of recovery in the comments below.

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Peeps began her life in a classroom as part of a chick-hatching experiment. The studentsfell in love with their hatchlings, but knew they weren’t going to be able to keep them.

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The teachers at Mary Kay McMillindecided to reach out to Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary in hopes that the chicks would find a good home. They animal sanctuary offered to take in two of the chicks.

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One of those lucky chicks wasPeeps. She was born with a slipped tendon and wasn’t able to walk properly because her leg stuck out at a strange angle. The team at Tamerlaine Farm began their research to see what they could do for the little chick.

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The team went as far as to send X-rays to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, but everyone they reached out to said there was no way to fix the leg, even with surgery. They decided it was best to amputate her leg to ensure she had a better quality of life.

Dr. Sherri Talbot-Valerio, a local vet at the Branchville County Veterinary Clinic, performed surgery on little Peeps. She even created a temporary prosthetic leg to help Peepsget around until she could be fitted with a permanent prosthetic once she’s fully grown!

The team at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary plans to fit Peeps with a 3D-printed prosthetic leg down the line. Peeps is a pretty lucky chicken!

Why go through so much trouble for one little chick? Gabrielle Stubbert, president and cofounder of Tamerlaine Farm, says chickens have personalities and are just as interesting as other animals, like dogs and pigs.

“Chickens are the most disposed, disregarded and abused animals in our food system,” Stubbert told LittleThings. “By going the extra distance for little Peeps, we hope to show people that their lives matter and are as precious as any other pet or loved one in the family.”

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the folks at Tamerlaine Farm, Peeps will have the opportunity to live out her life comfortably in the hands of people whotruly care about her.

If you’d like to follow Peeps’s story, check out Tamerlaine Farm’sFacebookpage.

Let us know what you think about Tamerlaine Farm’s incredible efforts for Peeps, and don’t forget toSHAREwith the farm animal lovers in your life!

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Clever Little Dog Tricks His Big Friend To Get His Toy

It’s not just the trained pups who are incredibly smart animals. Service dogs definitely make a difference in the lives of those who need them, and even the family pet can sniff out danger before it strikes unsuspecting humans. These are only examples of dogs’ intelligence when they interact with people, but if you observe them when they play with other animals, you’ll see that their intelligence is just as apparent!

One dog owner was able to catch on camera a shining example of just how clever his dog truly is while he was playing with another pet. The two adorable pups playfully squabble over a pink toy, and it seems like the bigger one has an advantage over the brown one.

When the toy falls on the ground, they both eye it before jumping off the chair. But the brown pup has an idea: In the blink of an eye, while his bigger companion is turned away from him, he sneaks under the chair! The confused dog sniffs around, trying to find his friend. He mistakenly forgets about the pink toy, and that’s when you see it…

Watch the clip until the end to find out how this clever brown pup managed to hoodwink his friend!


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Eight Ways To Help Senior Dogs Feel Young Again

Our family dog is almost 6years old.

And while that converts to roughly 45 years old in human years, she has already entered her golden years, and, in the dog world, is already considered senior.

But just because a dog has become “senior,” it doesn’t mean that things are coming to a sad, hopeless end.

Instead, the absolute opposite is true: this is the time when they can relive their youth, feel reenergized and revitalized, learn a new routine, and take on a new purpose.

In an exclusive guide below, we take a look at some of the important tips to follow to make your old dog feel young again.

Just as all pet owners out there should carefully monitor their pup’s health at all times, and keep them out of harm’s way during any time of year, it’s equally as important to help them feel healthy and strong once more.

Scroll further to learn some of the ways you can help your dog feel young, healthy, and much more alive, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Is My Dog A ‘Senior?’


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It can be hard to realize that our precious pups have entered seniority. After all, weren’t they just little puppies, scampering around and chewing everything up?

Between the ages of 6 and 10, dogs begin to exhibit signs of aging like changes in sleep patterns, lower energy levels, relieving themselves indoors, andheightened social anxiety.

If your dog is entering her golden years, it’s a good idea to start adjusting her daily schedule to ensure she remains healthy, happy, and strong in her old age.

Below, we take you through some tips that will help your senior dog feel young again!

Tip #1: Maintain Their Healthy Diet


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Nutrition is probably the most important aspect of an aging dog’s life.

There are varying views on how to properly maintain a senior dog’s diet. Some say older dogs, like older people, should avoid eating high amounts of protein.

Others, like doggie health and wellness resource Fidose of Reality, think that older dogs should steadily maintain the diet that they’ve had all their adult lives.

They argue that feeding pups quality protein can help themmaintain good muscle mass, and make sure that their kidneys stay in good shape.

In any case, it’s crucial to speak with your vet so that you can work out a diet that best suits your dog’s needs. Make sure that she gets plenty of vitamins and minerals!

Tip #2: Never Stop Playing


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Adequate mental stimulation is just as important as proper nutrition.

Your dog may have become a little slower, but the more you encourage play, the more they will feel constantly revitalized and energized.

Just remember that your level of energy will influence hers, so be creative in how you encourage her to play and stay alert.

Fidose of Reality suggests going for a swim together, slow walks around the block, and even joining a dog lovers group, where your dog can mingle with others her own age.

Tip #3: Keep Them Fit


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Over 52 percent of dogs in the United States are considered overweight, according to Dog Quality.

“Obese pets have shorter life spans than non-obese pets,” saidDr. Richard T. Goldstons, author ofGeriatrics &Gerontology of the Dog and Cat.

Pet obesitycan also lead to a host of health problems, including issues with the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver.

Even if your dog is experiencing a decrease in energy levels, it’s still important to exercise daily, in order to maintain a healthy body weight, and to keep the joints and muscles strong.

With an improved mobility, your dog’s body won’t have to work as hard when in motion. It will also reduce her chance of developing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and respiratory impairment.

Tip #4: Give Them A New Purpose


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All dogs even ones who are in their later years of life yearn for a purpose.

No matter how old your dog is, she needs enough mental stimulation day in, day out, in the form of interaction with other pets and people.

One of the best ways to give them this opportunity for mental exercise is to give them some sort of routine they can look forward to.

They want to feel needed, to feel like they’re contributing to something greater than themselves.

Therapy and service dogs are great examples of this, but really any activity that allows your dog to perform simple, routine tasks with some sense of reward or fulfillment is great.

Tip #5: Teach Them Hand Signals


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As with humans, a dog’s sense of hearing gradually diminishes as she ages.

At the first sign of this, consider immediately retraining your pup to notice and follow hand signals, according to Fidose of Reality.

For example, you could teach her how to “come,” “sit,” and “go potty” by associating those actions with specific hand signals and verbal commands for actionsshe’s known throughout her life.

Tip #6: Stick To A Daily Routine


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Picking and sticking to a daily routine will greatly enhance the quality of your dog’s life in old age.

Since senior dogs are already more prone to experience mental confusion and a decline in cognitive function, it’s extra important to let them look forward to activities that are predictable.

According to Dr. Mercola, having a sense of routine will help reduce your dog’s anxiety and uncertainty, and greatly stall further mental decline.

Tip #7: Keep Those Gums Healthy!


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When plaque isn’t removed from the dog’s teeth and gums, it will turn into tartar, which irritates the gums and causes gingivitis.

If left untreated, this condition will gradually pull the gums away entirely, creating small crevices that attract even more bacteria, and lead to irreversible periodontal disease.

For many years now,canine gum diseasehas been linked to heart disease and inflammation of the heart valves.

Socheck with your vet to see what oral hygiene routine they recommend, then keep those chompers clean!

Tip #8: Let Them Sleep On The Bed


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Cold, hard floors can be really uncomfortable for older dogs. Just like humans, with old age comes creaky and arthritic joints, which can be very painful.

Instead, let your senior dog sleep on the bed with you! Not only will it provide her with physical comfort, but emotional security as well.

Be sure to make accommodations that can help her get up and down easily; many owners providesmall steps or ramps beside their beds for ease of access.

If you’re not able to share your bed, provide her with a soft, cushiony dog bed, or one that’s elevated. This will help to ease her achy bones.

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Firefighters Pose With Puppies For Charity In Annual Calendar

Since 1993, the team behind the Firefighters Calendar in Australia has been doing photoshoots each year.

The photo series are compiled into calendars, whose sales profits usually go to theChildrens Hospital FoundationBurns Unit.

This year, they decided to change it up, and partnered with the RSPCA to raise awareness about caring and protecting for animals in need of a home.

All the firemen in the shoot posed with adorable little puppies on loan from the shelter, and made the whole thing look all the more fantastic and playful.

Of course, this isn’t the first time organizations have paired up with animals to make a statement or to support a higher cause.

Those of other professions haveposed with dogs in their own calendarsto raise awareness about animals in need of saving.

Scroll further to check out this year’s awesome firefighters calendar, and let us know your thoughts about the great cause in the comments down below!

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Every year since 1993, the team behind the Firefighters Calendar in Australia gets to work, putting together the most stunning photo series, for the most impressive annual calendar.


Traditionally, proceeds from the sale of these calendars go toward the Childrens Hospital Foundation Burns Unit, and other regional charities.


This year, however, they decided to change it up and partner with the RSPCA, a nonprofit organization that works to prevent animal cruelty, and promotes care and protection for animals.


The firefighters in the calendar all spend time posing with adorable little puppies on loan from Safe Haven Animal Rescue.


All of these beautiful pups are up for adoption.

The proceeds will be split with the RSPCA, who will use the extra funds to improve the operation of shelters, educate communities, and work on further fund-raising efforts.


The firefighters have gotten a lot of attention since news coverage of this years project surfaced on the internet.

So far, they have attracted a little over 80,000 followers on Facebook!


To date, the Firefighters Calendar has raised over $1 million, and are hoping that theyll raise even more awareness about saving and protecting animals in need.


Click here to visit the calendars official website, and to learn how you can purchase your own Firefighters Calendar!

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Puppy Loves To Sit Inside Of An Empty Watermelon While He Eats It All Up!

Summer wouldn’t feel much like summer without cookouts, swimming pools, and the most important fruit of all: watermelon! While we usually expect watermelon to be a fruit that humans love, it turns out that this amazing treat is not only enjoyable to our furry friends, but it’s safe and healthy as well.

It seems like Mom had scooped out the inside of the watermelon earlier for a party, but that didn’t stop this adorable little baby bulldog from getting his fair share of the fun! While we can’t be sure if the puppy got himself into this mess, or if Mom posed him there for the adorable photo-op, regardless of the reasons behind the moment, all that really matters is the cuteness factor. Especially when you consider how comfortable and happy the little guy seems to be; in fact, it almost looks as if he might think he’s back in his mama dog’s belly.

This little puppy certainly is chowing down on the sweet treat, but it seems like he got a bit overexcited, because when the whole thing comes tumbling down, it seems like he’s finally had enough of it and is off to enjoy a nice, long afternoon nap.

It should be noted that while feeding your dog watermelon is great, make sure to pick out any of the seeds before you do!


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